I was recently in a one-to-one and we were chatting about getting “NOs” when asking for the sell or the referral, and that it’s okay to get a “NO”.

Unfortunately, many people are afraid of getting that “NO”, because they will feel rejected.

Instead of worrying about getting a “NO” when asking for the referral (or the sell), have the same mindset about asking people someone if they want a piece of gum.

Think about it… Do you offer people gum or mints ever? (or remember doing that pre-March 2020) You are being nice, trying to offer them a treat, and it is okay if they choose to accept or not.

What would your business be like if you asked for referrals and the sale in the same way that you asked people if they would want a stick of gum?

Would you ask more? Feel okay regardless of whether you got a yes or a no?

Do you think the result for you would be MORE business for you?

What are you going to do to make sure you start asking for more referrals and asking for the business?

Ps. If you need some help in asking for the referral, there is an EASY way to ask for a referral where you can’t get a no! Check out the YouTube video for that, and more. How to Ask for Referralshttps://youtu.be/t8RwsBeIYcQ

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