Have you ever found yourself setting a goal to read a certain number of books in a year? I saw and heard many people sharing their successes from 2022 or goals for 2023 and it made me think…
While reading can be a great way to expand your knowledge and learn new things, is it really the best use of your time?

Stay with me here…









What if I told you that just reading a bunch of books might not be the most effective way to improve yourself or your business?
What if there was a better way to approach reading that could lead to more significant and lasting results?

I’m currently reading Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz as part of a book club. The goal of our book club is not just to read the book, it is to implement the ideas and strategies shared in the book into our businesses so that they can run like clockwork (I hope you appreciate the pun 😉).
We want to see tangible results, not just acquire new information.

One of the ways we’re implementing this is by adjusting the schedule of our readings. Rather than plowing through the book chapter by chapter, we are taking the time to discuss, debate, and dive deeper into the content to ensure that we understand it fully before moving on. Currently, we are taking a two-week break to track our time and analyze our activities, from chapter 6, ensuring that we are spending our time on the right things.

This approach might seem counterintuitive, though it is crucial. Most people simply read a book and move on, without taking the time to put the knowledge into practice.
This is where we fail ourselves. While knowledge is essential, it’s not enough.
We must take action and implement what we’ve learned if we want to see real change.

While I’m speaking specifically about business books, this idea can be applied to other types of books as well, like self-help or personal development. The key is to take the knowledge you’ve gained and use it to improve your life.

Instead of setting a goal to read as many books as possible, consider setting a goal to read books that you can really dive into and use to make your life better. It’s about quality over quantity.

Of course, everyone’s reading habits are different, and there’s nothing wrong with setting a goal to read a certain number of books if that’s what works for you.

The most important thing is to take action and implement what you’ve learned.
Read to improve yourself and your life, not just for the sake of reading.


Ps. Would you want to join me for an upcoming book club? Who’s In Your Room, by Dr. Ivan Misner, has recently been revised and updated, version 2! We will be starting the book club (2 time options) on either Monday, 3 pm (eastern US time, GMT-5) starting March 6th or Tuesday, 7 am (eastern US time, GMT-5) starting March 7th.
This book club meets on a weekly basis via a 30-minute zoom call where we discuss a single chapter each week and how to best implement it in our businesses. Enroll at https://forms.gle/E9KrdT4rFU1HPv4t5.


Pps. This above is one of the reasons I enjoy hosting the 13 Month a Year program and Asentiv’s Ignite Your Business program offering a single module a week. You gain the information and then have a week to implement, try it out, see what works and what doesn’t, and then come back to the program to discuss celebrations and struggles. Then, we move to the next part of the conversation!