The whole story of how #TiffaniesSocks came to be can be found in the Socks to Success: Be Memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals book. 

Tiffanie Kellog is well known for her love of socks! Short ones, tall ones, fuzzy ones.

Starting October 1st of 2015, it was time for #TiffaniesSocks. The rules were simple. Each time I wore a pair of socks, I would post on social media using the hashtag and number of each pair. After I washed the socks, I hid them away, only to wear them again once I had worn every pair I owned.

18 months later, in March of 2017, I finally wore my last pair of socks!

During that time, I became known for my socks, helping me be top of mind, as people think of me when they:

  • Put on a pair of fun socks.
  • Notice someone wearing crazy socks.
  • See brightly colored sock displays or stores.
  • Read an article or see a photo on social media.

There are a lot of people thinking of me!

Tiffanie Kellog Sock Speaker

Do you network to help you gain referrals?
Would you like your networking to be easier, more effective, and even more fun?
If your answer is YES…

What People Are Saying…

“Having a recognizable brand is crucial to huge success as a business, I think most of us know this fact. Sock to Success brings clarity to what a “brand” is and why it is important to your business.”

~Shawn May

“Everyone knows branding our businesses (and ourselves) is important but tends to think of it as a complicated, cumbersome task … Tiffanie and Socks to Success has made it so easy and … FUN!   Soon, thanks to Tiffanie, my business may have a rather ‘meaty’ image — as I’m already known for my love of steak & beer!!”

~Ayumi Ikeda 

“Referrals are desired by so many people.  Being remembered is an important part of that.  Tiffanie’s focus in Socks to Success on branding, is a powerful way to help make that happen. Every time I see Tiffanie, I ask her to show me the fun socks she’s wearing that day.  More importantly, whenever I see someone in colorful, creative socks, I think of her!  That’s creative brand recognition!” 

~Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI & NY Times Bestselling Author


Socks to Success: A Poem

The journey of a successful business
Begins with a memorable brand;
This is the story of Socks to Success,
And you sure can get the tips here first hand.

Back in the day,
No one really cared what her feet wore,
And I dare say,
No one was talking about it for sure.

But that all changed
When Tiffanie let the world know her love for socks;
Now people care, and are paying attention,
And really want to know what she wore with her chucks.

It’s warm, it’s cozy,
Different shades, sizes, and colors,
Like a true friend, now and then a little fuzzy,
Yet the socks are dependable like no other.

Now you’ve got to do what you love, and love what you do,
And after all has been said and done;
Apply the business tips that are here for you,
Then watch you make money, save time, and have fun.

Do understand that every step we take,
As we build our business,
Either breaks or makes
Us a failure or success.

So you’ve got to be memorable,
With your brand keeping you top of mind,
You become more referable,
And can never be left behind.