What People Are Saying…

Being a part of the Referrals for Life community the past two years has helped me grow my business significantly, inspiring a vision further in the future than I had thought of before. The company has grown from 1 employee to 11 and revenue has increased by over 200% each year. I was able to purchase a Telsa S 80, paid in cash, this year. 

~Andrew Gordon, owner of Reliable Claims Adjusting

I’ve been able to increase my income 10 times over of what it was before the Ignite Your Business Program, allowing me to spend more time with my daughter and the other people important to me in my life.

~ Daniel Gray Exotic Mobile Marketing

Working with Tiffanie has helped me to create an image/brand that I am comfortable with and that I enjoy, which has allowed me to gained more visibility and earn more. By including the Saxophone as part of my image, it is now a conversation starter.  My income increase by 15% (worth $4000), within 2 months.

~Ralph Hilliard, Realtor, Coldwell Banker MMParrish Realtors


Do you network to help you gain referrals?
Would you like your networking to be easier, more effective, and even more fun?
If your answer is YES…

What People Are Saying  …

“Because of Tiffanie, I was able to free up my time to coach both of my boys in soccer!”

~ Shawn Yesner, Yesner Law & the Crushing Debt Podcast

I reached out to a previous client from several years ago after a tip from Tiffanie, and the result? Boom! A 12K sale!”

~ Celeste Clancy, Financial Advisor


What People Are Saying About 4 1/2 Networking Mistakes …

4.5 Networking Mistakes Book Cover

“A comprehensive guide to networking; a must-have for any library!”

~ Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder & CVO of BNI

“Thanks for the eTiffanies! This is a top-notch book on networking!”

~ Tom Fleming, Author, Who Can Pass You Business All Day Everyday

“Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down. The book was an “easy read” from the perspective that the concepts were easy to understand and implement. Tiffanie’s writing style is much like her presentation style – fun, engaging, high-energy, with practical tips that I can easily implement to generate more referrals in less time.”

~ Shawn Yesner, owner of Yesner Law, PA

“This has become my “go to” for reminders about my networking basics. There is not a wasted word and I think it is well worth any business person’s time.”

~ Jeremy Colton

“This book is full of ideas which will really help you to stand out in the sea of networkers when you attend networking events. If you are in business or sales or an Entrepreneur this should be on your must read list.”

~ Richard Vazquez

“I have been networking for about 5 years now, and by applying some of the tips in the book, my networking is yielding better results. I used to hate networking, but now I am starting to enjoy it and feel more comfortable by having a focus. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking to grow their business thru networking and referral marketing.”

~ Sharon Toston

“Serious about networking? You must read this book! Full of effective, relevant and relatable information that will help you grow your network and your business. I highly recommend this book for anyone serious about growing their business through networking.”

~ Courtney Nestler

“If you want more referrals to grow your business, you must read this guide to relationship building. … this book will show you what not to do, so you can develop referral generating relationships with people even faster by avoiding the most common mistakes of networkers.”

~ Jason Avery


What People Are Saying About Socks to Success …

Socks to Success

“A very easy read, a unique way to brand your business in an effort to create top of mind awareness for you and your company in the marketplace. The book was entertaining while also stimulating my creativity with respect to how you can become a branding master!”

~ Tom Fleming

“Socks to Success is a must read for any business professional hoping to become more memorable. I am now brainstorming on how to brand myself better. The thing that people share with me often is based on my poise, posture and appearance! I get complements all the time on those things. As an image and etiquette coach, I must represent my brand well by living it.”

~ Tia Young

“Tolles Buch, das zeigt, wie Sie selbst eine Marke kostenlos aufbauen können. Tiffanie ist eine Expertin für Geschäftsbeziehungen und ihre Erfahrungen werden in diesem Buch humorvoll beschrieben.”  {Great book that shows how you can build a brand yourself at no cost. Tiffanie is an expert in business relationships and her experiences are humorously described in this book.}

~ Sandro Moor

“The book is awesome. Very easy to read and the message comes across on the importance of branding. My favorite part were the examples of branding. Great job, Tiffanie!”

~ Grace Barfield

“Socks to Success is worth reading and proves that branding works.”

~ Malynn Percy

“As an expert in branding and identity, it is refreshing to see a book specific to educating business professionals on the importance of branding, as well as offering unique ways to incorporate your brand and make your brand memorable. Socks to Success is a fun read that offers a fresh, new perspective on branding!”

~ Jill Kinney, jdk design

“Socks to Success is a fun, easy read that gives valuable, practical information and tips that can be used in one’s day-to-day business operations. Tiffanie makes it easy to learn new techniques so business doesn’t feel like work!”

~ Claudia Lowry