Ever since I have have gotten a Mini Cooper, I am watching out for other Minis!!! They are an AWESOME car… it made me think about this older post! 

Growing up, we all played the Punch Buggie game – where anytime you spotted a VW Bug, you would call it and punch whoever was nearby. This game, depending on the part of the country you live in, has also been called Love Bug, Slug Bug and Beetle Bop.

Last year on the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, my brother reminded me of this fun game from our youth, and by the end of the walk, both of my biceps were covered in bruises (thanks Robert). This behavior rubbed off, and I cannot help myself now, when I see a Bug, I call it! This is beginning to annoy my husband…
But it got me to thinking – how BRILLIANT is it that we are conditioned to be scoping out every car driving by to see if it’s a BUG? Can we say BUZZ?
After searching the internet, I am still not sure who/what started this game…
but if you are Volkswagen, what do you think about this game and building consumer awareness of your brand?

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