Socks to Success: Be Memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals

How Grow Your Business Through Referrals by Building Your Brand
Socks to Success shows how to leverage YOU to create a great brand that sticks in people’s minds. Being top of mind generates referrals and repeat business. Socks to Success helps by exploring examples of brands and how you might brand yourself, and gives you actionable steps to create success in your business.
Socks to Success explores how to:
  • Be top of mind, so clients remember you
  • Use YOU to create a personal brand
  • Easily convert more customers by increased recognition
  • Grow your business and income through referrals
What people are saying about this book:
“Everyone knows branding our businesses (and ourselves) is important but tends to think of it as a complicated, cumbersome task … Tiffanie has made it so easy and … FUN! Soon, thanks to Tiffanie, my business may have a rather ‘meaty’ image — as I’m already known for my love of steak & beer!!” Ayumi Ikeda
“Having a recognizable brand is crucial to huge success as a business, I think most of us know this fact. Sock to Success brings clarity to what a “brand” is and why it is important to your business.” Shawn May
“Socks to Success is a must read for any business professional hoping to become more memorable. I am now brainstorming on how to brand myself better. The thing that people share with me often is based on my poise, posture and appearance! I get compliments all the time on those things. As an image and etiquette coach, I must represent my brand well by living it.” Tia Young
“The book is awesome. Very easy to read and the message comes across on the importance of branding. My favorite parts were the examples of branding. Great job, Tiffanie!” Grace Barfield
“Socks to Success is worth reading and proves that branding works.” Malynn Percy
“Tolles Buch, das zeigt, wie Sie selbst eine Marke kostenlos aufbauen können. Tiffanie ist eine Expertin für Geschäftsbeziehungen und ihre Erfahrungen werden in diesem Buch humorvoll beschrieben.” Sandro Moor
“As an expert in branding and identity, it is refreshing to see a book specific to educating business professionals on the importance of branding, as well as offering unique ways to incorporate your brand and make your brand memorable. Socks to Success is a fun read that offers a fresh, new perspective on branding!” Jill Kinney