4 1/2 Networking Mistakes: Maximize Your Networking Efforts by Avoiding Your Common Mistakes

There is a better way to network!

People say networking does not work… and it can be true for some, considering they are doing it wrong.
Because you are looking to make networking EASIER AND MORE ENJOYABLE,
and want to GROW YOUR BUSINESS BY REFERRAL, this book is for you!
Inside these pages, you will learn why:
• You may not want to pass out business cards when networking
• Your name tag may be hurting – instead of helping – you at events
• The elevator pitch should never be used when meeting new people
• Networking alone won’t help you grow your business
• There is a 1/2 mistake
… and explore the 19 Networking Nuggets!

Enjoy this book as you learn how to MAKE MORE MONEY for your business in LESS TIME by creating referrals for life!