Do you find that you are ALWAYS busy? Needing more time?

Do you find there are things you WANT to do, though are never able to do so?

Are you READY to take back your life and live the life YOU want? With the time to do things most important to you?

Because you said YES, the 13 Months a Year is the RIGHT program for you!

By implementing a few simple techniques, you will find yourself with at least 13 extra hours a week… 13 hours a week x 52 weeks = 28 extra days in your year, giving you a 13th month.

This series will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 2 – 3 pm (eastern standard time; gmt-5) starting March 2nd for 13 weeks via zoom. 

Additionally, you will have access to the recordings + there will be an online group with interaction from Tiffanie Kellog & your fellow participants.

You will want to attend this program if you want:
   o less stress in your life.
   o an actual good night sleep.
   o to spend HOURS way less time on your email.
   o to stop the to do list from growing, and instead, actually get things done.
   o to have the time to do the things that you want to do!
   o to be able to take care of yourself as well as the people important in your live.
   o to actually take a vacation (because right now you are too busy to get away)
   o more time with your family & friends
   o to stop being unhealthy & out of shape, because you do not have TIME to take care of yourself.

What others are saying about the program:

“Two words: peace and confidence. Peace that I don’t have to frantically let email run my life. And the confidence that it’s all going to be ok if I don’t respond ASAP.” Phil Gerbyshak

13 Months a Year offered some great tips on where I could save snippets of time… making multiple small changes made a difference in time availability.” Laura Gignac

13 Months a Year helped me realize how much time I waste in between doing things that are important to me and to my business.” Debi Frock

“You gave me an easy system for prioritizing.” Ramona M. Chance

13 Months a Year helped me to get out of the email purgatory that I was in on a daily basis!” Richard Vazquez

“I was able to create more time to attend Crossfit classes three times a week and have lost 29 pounds so far.” Charles T. Kitzmiller

Topics included in 13 Months a Year:

  • Week 1: Where Are You Spending Your Time?
  • Week 2: Escape from Email Hell
  • Week #3: Time Management? There’s No Such Thing (How to Master Your Time)
  • Week #4: Sock it to your calendar (so it does not rule you)
  • Week #5: Get it DONE!
  • Week #6: The Cost of Multitasking
  • Week #7: Why Should You Have to Do It All?
  • Week #8: Life Made Easy!
  • Week #9: Did You Know? You Are Important Too!
  • Week #10: Decision Making, EASY!
  • Week #11: YOUR Time IS Money
  • Week #12: Eliminating the Time Suckers
  • Week #13: 168 Hours in your Week