No, not birds trying to play ping pong.
The band.

I hadn’t either until a couple of years ago.
Music ain’t really my thing… I usually listen to what I know or what happens to be playing in the background, usually a list curated by my husband, who does love music. What kind? Yes! He enjoys a diverse range of music. One band he likes? You guessed it, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.

In 2021, my husband made plans for us to go to a Pigeons Playing Ping Pong concert at Jannus Live. So, I spent the months leading up to the concert learning their most popular songs.
In the spring of 2022, it was decided that we were going to see the band again, this time in Athens, Georgia, where they were playing at Terrapin Brewery (it was at a brewery, so I was all in).

This concert was a bit different than the one in 2021, or really any other concert that I recall.
I’m not sure if it was the truly outdoor space, being in another state, or the fact that they were the opening act instead of the main…

One thing that I know made a difference to me was the view. We were pretty close to the stage, and I could see the musicians’ faces. And, for this concert, Rob had taught me the musicians’ names and was quizzing me, so I knew at least their names.

Up pretty close, the lead singer, Greg, just looked super happy and joyful the whole 90-minute set they did (full of songs I did actually know). He was smiling, bouncing his head, and having fun. And I had to take a double take… Ben, on the bass, had a fan to blow his hair during some songs. Well, maybe it was just to not be so hot, though, it did seem fun. I related to Jeremy as he seems a bit more introverted, jamming on the guitar and doing his thing! And Alex was killing it on the drums!

The joy the band has when playing just makes me happy… and that is something that is not always present in the world. This made me think…

How do people feel about YOU and how you are in your business?

I understand that not everyone is about fun.
It is one of my top core values, and so I want to be surrounded by FUN, even in the seriousness of the business world.

And maybe fun is not your thing… do you at least SEEM to enjoy what you do? I think it is important for entrepreneurs to appeal to our ideal clients.

What is important to them? How do you want to be seen?

Given the choice of working with someone who (at least seems) happy versus not, I am going to pick happy. Or joyful. Or fun-loving. How you are, whether in person or on Zoom, perhaps on social media, can make a MASSIVE impact on people wanting to be in your world, or not.

Back to Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. In December, again, the band was coming back to Jannus Live (a small, unique venue in St. Petersburg, FL). Rob (my husband) likes to attend in style, so we had a VIP suite upstairs for our group. In the next room happened to be Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s lead singer’s parents! We stayed after the concert was done, and I totally was a fan-girl (which is not like me) and shared with him how my favorite concert ever had been his show earlier that year (the happiness he emanated was that powerful to me) and asked for a photo, which he said yes to. I did not hang around too long, as I know how it is after a performance, and I did not want to intrude any more than I had.
It was pretty cool!

Last week, I went to Maine, where coincidently there was a Pigeons Playing Ping Pong concert happening, on Rob’s birthday. While not planned, it was an amazing event. Probably the smallest concert I have ever been to (300 people), where I got to stand behind the sound guy and light guy, and WOW! I watched Manny work the lightning system as the 5th member of the band — oh my! Rob was watching the sound technician, I just never realized how much work went into these aspects. Every concert I attend just has me like the band even more. Oh, and they played a version of the cantina song from Star Wars, so bonus there too!

Assuming they will be coming back to Jannus Live in December this year, we will be there. Want to join me???

Energy makes a difference!
Who are you being?

Ps. If you are NEW to Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, as most people are, I highly recommend you check them out. Here is their official website, which links to their music on Spotify!

Pps. Want to know more about Pigeons Playing Ping Pong?
Here is what Chatgpt had to say about the band:
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is an American funk band that was formed in 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. The band consists of four members: Greg Ormont (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Schon (guitar, vocals), Ben Carrey (bass, vocals), and Alex Petropulos (drums, vocals). The band’s music is characterized by its high-energy, funky grooves, catchy melodies, and dynamic live performances.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong has released several albums and EPs since their inception, including “Psychology” (2014), “Pleasure” (2016), “Pizazz” (2017), and “Presto” (2020). They have also gained a reputation as a popular live act, performing at numerous music festivals and venues across the United States.

The band’s music draws from a variety of musical influences, including funk, rock, and jam music. They are known for their intricate and improvisational live performances, often incorporating extended jams and unique covers into their sets.

Overall, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong has developed a loyal following of fans, known as “The Flock,” who appreciate the band’s infectious energy and commitment to having fun on stage.

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