number-3There are 19 Networking Nuggets that I share in the 4 ½ Networking Mistakes.
This week’s blog explores one of those nuggets…
Good luck as you work towards becoming a master networker.


Networking Nugget # 3: Create a Goal

Oftentimes, people at networking events turn their focus to distractions, like: “How much longer do I have to stay?” “Where is the food?” and “Where is the bar?” Whereas if you walk in knowing exactly how many and what type of people you want to meet, you can leave once the goal is accomplished.

Which goals might you keep in mind when networking?14339811_10155269349734488_1508016337_o

  • Booking meetings with prospects and potential referral sources.
  • Inviting people to relevant events.
  • Connecting and reconnecting with people you already know, possibly by scheduling follow-up meetings.

You can be proactive in reaching your goal of meeting new people quickly. Try connecting with the host of the event or the person working the front door to ask guidance in finding the right type of people for you. Some events also post their guest lists online before the event starts.

Set your goals, work the room, and generate the success you are looking for!