How to Create SUCCESS for Your Business with Expos featuring Valerie DiVecchio

Do you ever participate in expos to try to grow your business? A colleague and friend of mine, Valerie DiVecchio of Divine Creations, and I sat down to write this article because we see time and time again companies make critical mistakes when exhibiting at a trade show or expo.  Companies invest time and money trying to put their best foot forward, and sometimes they just fall flat.  With our combined experience, we wanted to write this article to help companies succeed in making a lasting impression and making more money! Trade shows and Expos are abundant throughout the community, [...]

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Can You NOT Complain???

Who wants to join me in making the world a better place? I am joined today by Deb Cheslow as she shares the 'No Complaining' challenge:

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Punch Buggie

Ever since I have have gotten a Mini Cooper, I am watching out for other Minis!!! They are an AWESOME car... it made me think about this older post!  Growing up, we all played the Punch Buggie game – where anytime you spotted a VW Bug, you would call it and punch whoever was nearby. This game, depending on the part of the country you live in, has also been called Love Bug, Slug Bug and Beetle Bop. Last year on the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, my brother reminded me of this fun game from our youth, and by [...]

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