How to Create SUCCESS for Your Business with Expos featuring Valerie DiVecchio

Do you ever participate in expos to try to grow your business? A colleague and friend of mine, Valerie DiVecchio of Divine Creations, and I sat down to write this article because we see time and time again companies make critical mistakes when exhibiting at a trade show or expo.  Companies invest time and money trying to put their best foot forward, and sometimes they just fall flat.  With our combined experience, we wanted to write this article to help companies succeed in making a lasting impression and making more money! Trade shows and Expos are abundant throughout the community, [...]

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Reservations for 2, Table for 4

Today I am joined by Shawn Yesner (of Yesner Law and the Crushing Debt podcast) as we explore a technique – Table for 2, Dinner for 4.

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No More Christmas Cards…

December is drawing near, and everyone is rushing to get their corporate gifts ordered and their holiday cards personalized. Clients are calling & emailing, “Thread Art, can you help me come up with ideas for holiday gifts?”  The answer: yes BUT, what are you hoping to accomplish with your gift? The responses are often client touches, thank yous, and top of mind awareness. December is the #1 month for corporate gifts and cards, so it makes sense to touch you clients as well, right? WRONG! If you send your gift in December, it will be competing against dozens of others; [...]

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