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Arming your Staff to Pass you Referrals

We wanted to bring this back to mind, originally posted in 2011, as you want to get more referrals in 2021!!! by Tiffanie Kellog & Julie Arndt In a recent Ignite Your Business Program module, from Asentiv, we were talking about how you can break your network down into 3 categories, Information, Support, and Referral. Within your referral network, you can receive referrals from eight subcategories, one being your staff. I then had the epiphany (or e-tiffanie, as William Mellas is trying to coin) that I should get with one of the participants, Julie Arndt from Minuteman Press, and we [...]

Arming your Staff to Pass you Referrals2021-02-03T18:02:31+00:00

Do you like Rough Toilet Paper???

We grew up hearing the saying “You get what you pay for” but more and more lately I hear people making purchases based solely (or mainly) on price... So next time you want to haggle over a price, just to haggle, first ask yourself is the price they are asking FAIR? Think hard!

Do you like Rough Toilet Paper???2020-03-23T19:21:12+00:00