Tiffanie is the author of 4 ½ Networking Mistakes: Maximize Your Networking Efforts by Avoid Common MistakesKnock the Socks off Your Audience: Delivering Presentations with Power and Passion to Audiences Large and Small, and Socks to Success: Be memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals.

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Tiffanie Kellog Author

What People Are Saying…

“Want to give a presentation that people will really love? Know the Socks off Your Audience by using your story to create personal magnetism, an emotional attraction that will continue after you step off the stage.”

~Linda King

“The punchy to-the-point information is delivered in an extremely easy to digest book that makes delivering a knockout presentation only a podium away.”

~Jeremy Dannheisser

“Referrals are desired by so many people.  Being remembered is an important part of that.  Tiffanie’s focus in Socks to Success on branding, is a powerful way to help make that happen. Every time I see Tiffanie, I ask her to show me the fun socks she’s wearing that day.  More importantly, whenever I see someone in colorful, creative socks, I think of her!  That’s creative brand recognition!” 

~Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI & NY Times Bestselling Author


Do you network to help you gain referrals?
Would you like your networking to be easier, more effective, and even more fun?
If your answer is YES…

Why Tiffanie Decided to Write a Book (or two, or three!)

My goal is to help as many people as possible create the life they desire… And while I still prefer to be face to face with people whenever possible, I know it is not always an option. 
This motivated me to write my first book, then a second, and a third, as well as create my online programs. In addition, I continue to create videos and podcasts in an effort to share as many eTiffanies as I can with the goal of helping people make more money, save time and have fun!
Below is the why behind each of my books! 


Socks to Success

When I first started writing Socks to Success: Be Memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals in 2019, it was an extremely short story about my love affair with socks and how they helped me solidify my brand. I was then inspired to include why having a brand is critical in helping you get referrals, as that is my area of expertise. Next, I was motivated to create a list of 113 ways to brand your business.

What I created is so much more than I originally intended when I started the journey…     


Tiffanie Kellog Author

4 1/2 Networking Mistakes

There are a TON of books out there about networking… why write another one???

My inspiration for the 4 ½ Networking Mistakes was the hope to share a better way to network! How? By doing the opposite of what you are told to do by so many other networking experts.

Throughout the book, I am going to explore with you, in what I hope to be a humorous way, the things to avoid when networking, followed by tips on how to be a masterful networker.

Tiffanie Kellog Author

Knock the Socks off Your Audience

 We have all sat in the audience while a presenter almost puts us to sleep and it was NOT fun.

Personally, I am tired of those boring presentations. There is no reason for them to exist. Knock the Socks off Your Audience is here to ensure that the people listening to you will be waiting anxiously on the edge of their seats to hear what you have to share, not drooling on their neighbor’s shoulder.

This is not just another book on presentations. …well, okay, it kind of is. So why should you read this one? Because, I said so! Ok, just kidding – kinda.
When this book was only in my mind, I asked myself the same question. Why another book on presentations? I know that there are AMAZING books out there – on technique, being a better speaker, engaging the audience, growing your speaking business and so on. What they are missing, though, is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to do when speaking!

In watching thousands of presentations over the past decade, I’ve identified one thing that truly sets some people apart… we will explore this key to making your public speaking stand above that of the crowd. 


Tiffanie Kellog Author


Tiffanie Kellog’s speaking career was started in 2006 with sharing referral marketing through Asentiv, formally the Referral Institute.

As one of the first Asentiv trainers (starting in 1999), Tom Fleming brought Asentiv to the Tampa Bay area, offering the Certified Networker Program, in 2003.

Tiffanie loves being able to share Asentiv’s Ignite Your Business program and the Room Full of Referrals® , to help business professionals create their amazing business and spectacular life!

Tiffanie is dedicated to speaking, training and facilitating in the spirit of helping entrepreneurs succeed at levels they never thought were possible. She has has graduated more people through the Ignite Your Business program, formerly the Certified Networker Program,  than any other trainer in the world. 

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