Networking Nugget #1

There are 19 Networking Nuggets that I share in the 4 ½ Networking Mistakes. This week’s blog explores one of those nuggets… Good luck as you work towards becoming a master networker. Networking Nugget #1: Pick the Right Networking Event Networking events are like ice cream: they all are made up of the same basic ingredients and have the same texture, even though each group and event has its own flavor. Before you begin networking, you need to determine where you will find events that are the right events for you. […]

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Do you like Rough Toilet Paper???

We grew up hearing the saying “You get what you pay for” but more and more lately I hear people making purchases based solely (or mainly) on price... So next time you want to haggle over a price, just to haggle, first ask yourself is the price they are asking FAIR? Think hard!

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Punch Buggie

Ever since I have have gotten a Mini Cooper, I am watching out for other Minis!!! They are an AWESOME car... it made me think about this older post!  Growing up, we all played the Punch Buggie game – where anytime you spotted a VW Bug, you would call it and punch whoever was nearby. This game, depending on the part of the country you live in, has also been called Love Bug, Slug Bug and Beetle Bop. Last year on the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, my brother reminded me of this fun game from our youth, and by [...]

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No More Christmas Cards…

December is drawing near, and everyone is rushing to get their corporate gifts ordered and their holiday cards personalized. Clients are calling & emailing, “Thread Art, can you help me come up with ideas for holiday gifts?”  The answer: yes BUT, what are you hoping to accomplish with your gift? The responses are often client touches, thank yous, and top of mind awareness. December is the #1 month for corporate gifts and cards, so it makes sense to touch you clients as well, right? WRONG! If you send your gift in December, it will be competing against dozens of others; [...]

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