Asking for Gum and the Referral

I was recently in a one-to-one and we were chatting about getting “NOs” when asking for the sell or the referral, and that it’s okay to get a “NO”. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of getting that “NO”, because they will feel rejected. Instead of worrying about getting a “NO” when asking for the referral (or the sell), have the same mindset about asking people someone if they want a piece of gum. Think about it… Do you offer people gum or mints ever? (or remember doing that pre-March 2020) You are being nice, trying to offer them a treat, [...]

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Announcing the More Time World Tour

“There is never enough time in the day.” {sigh} Or is there? What if I said, “Yes! There is an abundance of time in the day. You always the time for the things that are important to you. I know that is opposite to what many people all over the world are saying. Or, a slight variation, like: · Too much to do, not enough time. · Not enough hours in the day. · Never enough time to get everything done. It can be EXHAUSTING just thinking those phrases, yet alone living them on a daily basis. For me, it was 2005 when [...]

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Plants, Michael Jordan, and my un-Green Thumb

I don't think I have a green thumb. Though, my neighbor just told me that I do. For most of my life, I thought I had a black thumb. I had killed every plant I ever bought, including cactus & bamboo. If it's green, I can kill it. In March of 2020 (pre- the world shutting down), something weird happened. I bought a plant from Publix, and I kept it alive for a couple of months. That little bit was enough to give me the confidence to try to grow more plants. I had an Aerogarden that my mother-in-law had [...]

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The Puppies Networking Brought Me

Networking is so much more than just going to meetings and shaking hands. Much more than signing into Zoom, making sure you are on mute, and waiting your turn to talk. Networking is the gateway to potential relationships and what they can create from that. And in July, I was excited to welcome into my home 2 brand new puppies, Guinness and Harper. Now, you might be wondering why I am talking to you about my dogs... I promise it comes around. After losing Kalie, my 16-year-old Maltese, at the end of May, Rob and I decided a couple of [...]

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Arming your Staff to Pass you Referrals

We wanted to bring this back to mind, originally posted in 2011, as you want to get more referrals in 2021!!! by Tiffanie Kellog & Julie Arndt In a recent Ignite Your Business Program module, from Asentiv, we were talking about how you can break your network down into 3 categories, Information, Support, and Referral. Within your referral network, you can receive referrals from eight subcategories, one being your staff. I then had the epiphany (or e-tiffanie, as William Mellas is trying to coin) that I should get with one of the participants, Julie Arndt from Minuteman Press, and we [...]

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How to Create SUCCESS for Your Business with Expos featuring Valerie DiVecchio

Do you ever participate in expos to try to grow your business? A colleague and friend of mine, Valerie DiVecchio of Divine Creations, and I sat down to write this article because we see time and time again companies make critical mistakes when exhibiting at a trade show or expo.  Companies invest time and money trying to put their best foot forward, and sometimes they just fall flat.  With our combined experience, we wanted to write this article to help companies succeed in making a lasting impression and making more money! Trade shows and Expos are abundant throughout the community, [...]

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