“There is never enough time in the day.”

Or is there?

What if I said, “Yes! There is an abundance of time in the day. You always the time for the things that are important to you.

I know that is opposite to what many people all over the world are saying. Or, a slight variation, like:

· Too much to do, not enough time.

· Not enough hours in the day.

· Never enough time to get everything done.

It can be EXHAUSTING just thinking those phrases, yet alone living them on a daily basis.

For me, it was 2005 when I realized that my business had almost completely overtaken my life. I was working almost all the time! And I felt like I needed to, because how else was I going to keep food on my table and the roof over my head. While I was young, 26, I knew it was not a pace I could keep up with forever nor that I even wanted to.

Luckily for me, in 2006, I enrolled in Asentiv’s Ignite Your Business program and learned there was a better way to grow my business, specifically with networking and referral marketing.
All a sudden, I was able to go from working all day every day, 7 days a week, to working only 4 days a week while making more money.
Finally, what I envisioned as a life of an entrepreneur was coming true.

Now, as I like to have lots of things going on, I started adding more things into my life that added things that stretched the time budget, including training people on referral marketing and networking — which led me to be where I am today as a profession. Alas, that is not the point of this article.

Slowly, work began to creep into other aspects of my life and I again was working more and more.
I have long ago given up on the idea of a balanced life, though I do think a life of harmony is worth striving for. Over the next decade, through many trials and errors, I began to hone my skills when it came to priority management (not the time management that most people think of).

People often exclaimed how busy I must be. However, I had the life I was looking for and was LOVING IT! I was well-scheduled (more about that concept another day).

In 2017, I launched my 1st More Time webinar program, without a name. The goal was to get more time. A dozen entrepreneurs embarked on the journey with me, with amazing results. For Charles, it was that he found time to add CrossFit back into his life (and quickly shed 29 pounds). For Tony, it was creating the systems in her life so he could leave her phone outside of the shower (which she had never done before). For Justin, it was being more focused throughout the day, helping him get the job done on time, arriving home earlier, helping his wife with the evening routine with the kids, which all made his wife very happy (and we know, happy wife, happy life).

Over the next couple of years, we fine-tuned the system, the program, and even came up with a name for it!
13 Months a Year
What is up with the name? The program helps attendees free up (at least) 13 hours a week. When you multiply that by 52 weeks, you get an extra 676 hours in the year, 28.1667 days, which is another February. Hence, 13 Months a Year.

In March of 2020, life was suddenly upended thanks to the worldwide shutdown. As I work with so many entrepreneurs who just had their business dramatically disrupted, I focused almost all my time and energy on helping people pivot (we either read that word and cringe or we laugh as we imagine Ross from friends screaming it while holding a couch) their business so they could still make money via referrals.

Some parts of the world, like where I live in Florida, are pretty much back to business as usual while other parts are slowly opening up.
Now, we are in a new time of adjustment.
And, I so hope that people are taking this time to make the MOST of their life, creating an ideal vision of what they loved from both the pre and post-March 2020 world.

This is why I am excited to announce that the 13 Months a Year program is back and being offered LIVE (via Zoom, where we have offered it since 2017) AND I am announcing my More Time World Tour.
{Learn more at https://bit.ly/TKWorldTour}

For the rest of 2022, I will be traveling the world (virtually) to speak to groups, companies, networking organizations, waiving my speaker’s fee, to help the audience have MORE TIME for work and play. The things that must be done or just the things we want to do.

I am hoping to help people save hours each week, days each year, so they can truly have the life they desire.

I hope to see you along the way!