Welcome to Tiffanie Kellog’s web site. TiffanieHS028
Tiffanie is dedicated to helping others make more money in less time, and there are many ways that she does that…

To contact Tiffanie, call her at 813-263-9690 or email at referrals@tiffaniekellog.com.

Over the past decade, Tiffanie Kellog has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make more money while saving time so they can have more fun by creating referrals for life. Tiffanie is in demand as a professional keynote speaker, coach and trainer with the Referral Institute, and is co-owner of a business with her husband Rob.

All work and no play would make Tiffanie a dull girl, so in addition to loving her life helping people build their own spectacular lives, she enjoys her passions for “nerdy” hobbies, collecting socks, drinking craft beer, and hoping to take a bite out of cancer – she has raised more than $200,000 in funds over the last 10 years with the “Eager Beavers.”


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  1. Hey Tiffanie-
    Check your email, seems to be a problem. Got this when I tried to email you today.

    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

    ‘Tiffanie@ReferralInstituteTampa.com.’ on 3/20/2012 12:39 PM
    Server error: ‘Invalid recipient’

  2. […] course was taught by Tiffanie Kellog, who owns Thread Art, a promotional products company. Tiffanie has been instructing Certified […]

  3. WOW…you could really help us create a work able template for our Referral Partners program.
    Craig is a natural networker and had tried to impress upon me the incredible synergies that are put in motion when we collaborate.
    I would like to learn the Art of Referral Marketing to benefit as many people as we can each day.

    • Craig Herod says:

      How true, how true. Referrals make the world go round. Thanks for the endorsement from John & Marlene. The qualities I bring to the table are a direct result of the Referral Institute and the principles and methods that Tiffany teaches.
      Kudos to RI and Kudos to edification on the subject!

  4. […] still in the International Conference from Referral Institute Worldwide. Joining me right now is Tiffanie Kellogg, and she is with Referral Institute in Tampa, […]

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