About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie Kellog entered the entrepreneurial world in 2003 and since then has enjoyed being able to help her clients MAKE MONEY, SAVE TIME, and have FUN! Since 2003, Tiffanie has spent her time traveling across the globe helping thousands of entrepreneurs create amazing businesses and have spectacular lives – through keynote presentations, workshops, online programs, and more!

Whether sharing her expertise (with her southern accent) on networking, referral marketing or maximizing your time, Tiffanie will knock the socks off the audience with her fun and entertaining presentations while leaving them with eTiffanies (epiphanies from Tiffanie) to help create RESULTS in their world!!!

Tiffanie shares, “My goal is to help people achieve their dreams by giving them the tools needed to make more money in less time so they can have more fun!” 

Tiffanie is the author of 4 ½ Networking Mistakes: Maximize Your Networking Efforts by Avoid Common Mistakes, Knock the Socks off Your Audience: Delivering Presentations with Power and Passion to Audiences Large and Small, and Socks to Success: Be memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals.

In addition to her referral knowledge, Tiffanie is known for having fun! She is a proud nerd, enjoying both Star Trek and Star Wars, Doctor Who and reading science fiction. She also enjoys a cool craft beer, typically with her husband, Rob, or at a Brewin’ Up Business event.

Tiffanie Kellog
Tiffanie Kellog

Do you network to help you gain referrals?
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What People Are Saying…

By leading the consultation conversation with the benefits, we’re able to increase our closing ratio and therefore our gross monthly revenues by 257%.”

~Dr. Marnita Sandifer, Spa Café

“Instead of looking for 50 people to buy one phone apiece, Tiffanie has helped me focus on finding the one person that will lead me to 50 people! The result is more & better clients without nearly as much time spent having to find them.” 

~Matt Wilkerson, Verizon Wireless

“Tiffanie has helped me dramatically grow my business, from a staff that included myself, one full time and one part time employee in 2012 to a staff of 7 in the beginning of 2017. During this growth, Artisan Insurance Group purchased a commercial office space. … helped increase my annual revenues by up to 50% annually.” 

~Richard Vazquez, Artisan Insurance Group


All work and no play would make Tiffanie a dull girl, so in addition to loving her life helping people build their own spectacular lives, she enjoys her passions for “nerdy” hobbies, collecting socks, drinking craft beer, and hoping to take a bite out of cancer – she has raised more than $200,000 in funds over the last 10 years with the “Eager Beavers.”