Tiffanie Kellog Business Coach Tampa

Tiffanie Kellog

Helping you make more money
in less time by creating Referrals for Life!

Tiffanie Kellog is a business coach and professional speaker residing in Tampa, dedicated to helping others make more money in less time, and there are many ways that she does that…

Over the past decade, Tiffanie Kellog has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make more money while saving time so they can have more fun by creating referrals for life. Tiffanie is in demand as a professional keynote speaker, coach and trainer with the Referral Institute, and is co-owner of a business with her husband Rob.

Tiffanie Kellog Business Coach Tampa

Do you network to help you gain referrals?
Would you like your networking to be easier, more effective, and even more fun?
If your answer is YES…

Professional Speaker

Some of Tiffanie’s most popular presentations include:
• 4 ½ Networking Mistakes
• Socks to Success: Be Memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals
• 13 Months a Year
• 5 Steps to Referral Success
• Networking for Results
• Knock the Socks off Your Audience: Creating & Delivering an Effective Presentation
• How to Double to Triple your Referrals in the Next 60 to 90 Days
• Asentiv’s Ignite Your Business
• Asentiv’s Networking and Communicating with Ease: A Room Full of Referrals

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Tiffanie Kellog Business Coach Tampa


Tiffanie is the author of 4 ½ Networking Mistakes: Maximize Your Networking Efforts by Avoid Common Mistakes, Knock the Socks off Your Audience: Delivering Presentations with Power and Passion to Audiences Large and Small, and Socks to Success: Be memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals.

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Tiffanie Kellog Business Coach Tampa
Tiffanie Kellog Business Coach Tampa Professional Speaker Tampa: referral marketing, relationship marketing, growing your business, executive coach
Are you looking to grow your business?
Would referrals help you grow your business?
And would you like to double, or even triple, your referrals?
Because you said YES, enroll online for this complimentary, 5 week program.
Tiffanie Kellog Business Coach Tampa

“Thanks to Tiffanie Kellog, I was able to cut my work week from six days a week to four and a half day. I also did just one thing Tiffanie recommended which resulted in a $200,000 referral!”

~ Cathy Byrd

“I used to work a hard 6.5 days per week, but now I only work and average of 4 days each week and most people don’t really consider what I do as “actual work“, more like entertaining.”

~Jason Avery, Avery Construction Design Consulting & Constructing Success

“Whenever I go to a mall in my Mumbai, I see the brand Happy Socks selling colorful and fun socks and I remember you with the 300 pairs of socks.” 

~Bharat Jethani

“Since defining my target market with Tiffanie, I have grown his practice from  just me seeing 75 clients a month to a practice with 3 massage therapists and an office manager serving 175 clients a month.”

~Christopher Clarke, Therapeutic Elements Center for Massage Therapy


Tiffanie shares, “My goal is to help people achieve their dreams by giving them the tools needed to make more money in less time so they can have more fun!”