As you read this, you might think, of course, that’s so simple. And untitled-design-2while this is a simple technique, it is one that most people do not do.
If you want more referrals, simply ASK!

Most people do not ask because they are afraid of hearing the word NO when they make their request. If you are asking for referrals, and you get a “no,” then you are probably asking incorrectly.

So, when asking for referrals, try this simple phrase:
I am expanding my business and I need your help. Who do you know who… ?

By utilizing this phrase when you ask for referrals, people will have to think about whom they can connect you to.

14359672_10155267248124488_895257426_oWhen asking, “Who do you know who…” we recommend that you complete the sentence with a specific referral request. Describe your ideal client, talk about a specific place of business or industry, paint a picture of exactly who you are looking for! BE SPECIFIC to BE TERRIFIC!

You can work this referral request into various conversations, whether they are:

  • On the phone. For example, “Before I let you go, I am expanding my business and I need your help, who do you know who…?”
  • In person meetings
  • At networking events

Just as we know when to ask, also give consideration to WHOM you are going to ask. They can be people in your referral network, and can include your clients. Do be cautious, though. People often say it never hurts to ask, but it actually can. You want to make sure you are at the appropriate point in your relationship, the point where you have invested enough into it. I would not ask a prospect who had not yet signed on as a client, nor would I ask someone I’d just met for the first time, as this would be too early in the relationship.

Know that it is perfectly fine to request a specific referral, though you can also ask for:

  • Introductions to additional professionals who could easily pass you referrals
  • Speaking engagements
  • Interviews for TV, radio, and online sources
  • Help with social media

The main point is to ASK!!!

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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