I first joined BNI in 2005, and I was attending 2 BNI Leadership Team Training & Conferences a year. Once I joined the training team, I was attending a couple trainings per session, in March and September. As we are coming up on BNI Leadership Team training, I am excited to be attending 8 trainings over the next couple of weeks. In support of that, I wanted to share a few secrets I have learned over the years.
GOOD NIGHT SLEEP  -I recommend getting a good night sleep before the training! Being rested will help you be ready to focus and learn.
SNACK – The breakfast at 7:30 is delicious, but I have a hard time waiting to eat again until 12:30; I need a full belly! I need a mid-morning snack to keep me going. I will throw in my bag a bar or piece of fruit, sometimes even a candy bar, to help me stay fueled.
CARDS – Before and after the training, and during the breaks, is an incredible networking opportunity to meet other networkers that GET IT. I make sure I have a stack of cards, and my calendar, so I can set up one to ones to get to know some of the other chapter members better.
CLOTHING – This is a business event, and you want to dress according to your profession, BUT you will be seated for the entire morning. I recommend something that you will be comfortable in, and you never know the temperature of a location, so I always bring a jacket or wrap in case I get cold.
ATTITUDE – Come prepared with the right attitude, to network and to learn. Attitudes can really affect our experience. A negative attitude will result in a negative experience. A positive attitude will result in a positive experience. Which would you prefer?
And of course you will want to be ready to listen & learn so you can lead your chapter to success!

I look forward every year to attending BNI Leadership Team training, Learning more so I can Earn More, and knowing how I can help the chapter be successful.

What are some of your favorite parts of Leadership Team Training? What do you look most forward to at the Conferences?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Jeanine says:

    These are great reminders. I especially like the tip on bringing a snack and a jacket. Two things I always forget and then regret! You can be sure they will be on my list this year.

    My favorite part of the Leadership Training is meeting new people from different chapters.

    Looking forward to Friday!

  2. Mike Z says:

    By far my favorite part of leadership team training is meeting members from other chapters that are volunteering for leadership positions. These are exactly the people that I want to network with!

  3. Pamela French says:

    thanks for the reminder to bring a jacket. I always forget & then freeze to death. I am a big note taker so a pen & notebook and YES lots of cards! 1 of the best things about the Leadership trainings is all the great people you meet. I am so excited 🙂

  4. I will be attending tomorrow morning so I appreciate reading this just in the nick of time. I love connecting with other chapter members on the breaks. I have connected with other members that have become referral partners, subs and great resources.

  5. Brad Savage says:

    Thank you for the reminder on secrets for preparing for a BNI Leadership Team training.
    I saw this post before I attended, but wanted to say thanks! I came prepared to network with members of other chapters and to invite others to the Certified Networker Program. I was successful with both and enjoyed the networking opportunities during the breaks.

  6. lisakjordan says:

    I love getting to see the members from the other chapters that I have gotten to know over the last 5 years and catching up with them, plus it is always a great time to do some networking! Just like the past few years, I’ll be at all of the training sessions,a nd I’m really enjoying doing the educaitonal coordinator section with Tiffanie!

  7. Please put me on your email list!

  8. Richard Vazquez says:

    I never used to look at these events as a networking opportunity, but the Certified Networker Program taught me that I was completely overlooking a chance to meet new referral partners. I have now cultivated some great business relationships with people that I met at leadership training.

  9. Thanks for this reminder Tiffanie!! I always forget the snack and the sweater. Seems I always sit right under the A/C vent!

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