Over the past 5 weeks, we have reviewed the 1st of the 10 Commandments of Networking a Mixer – if you have missed them, please review. Now on to Commandment #6… Microsoft-Vista-SupportWhen first meeting a new person, you have the opportunity to be memorable by offering support. What kind of support? Be creative in how you will assist the person; by supporting them in their success, you will be able to quickly build your credibility. For many of us, we would love to have the person we just meet become a client, and while that happens occasionally, we will need to look for other ways to offer support. What additional types of support could we offer? A few examples are:

  • Invite them to another event
  • Share about networking organizations that you belong to and upcoming opportunities
  • Introduce them to people at the event
  • Follow up with an article or link for a specific issue they are been facing
  • Create a referral to a member of your network, because he has a need for the Referral Source’s product/service

By supporting people that you meet quickly, you will be remembered in a positive way. One day, these people may want to return the favor by offering you support, maybe even in the form of a referral. What is your favorite way to offer support when networking?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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