download (4)All work and no play makes Tiffanie a dull girl.
I am admitting I do occasionally like to play Candy Crush, usually only every couple of days. Last year during a trip to North Carolina my brother and sister convinced me that I simply MUST start playing Candy Crush. Since they both encouraged me to play (and my siblings do not usually like the same thing), I decided to jump in and downloaded the app.
LESSON #1 – BUZZ + CREDIBILITY+ASKING=SUCCESS! I know Candy Crush had been around for a while before I started playing. It was not until a couple people I trusted gave a TESTIMONIAL on how they loved the game and personally ASKED me to play the game (IMPORTANT: in person, not a request on Facebook). If Robert & Tracie (my siblings) had not told me how much fun it was OR asked me to start playing, I would have never gotten involved with Candy Crush.

(Note: If you want to turn off those annoying Facebook game requests, watch this video:

Since I have been playing now for almost half a year, I have gotten to level 199. Most of the time when I play, it is just to have some fun! I have beaten the majority of the levels without much thought or planning. Every few levels, though, I will come across a level that I get stuck at, and sometimes stay stuck at for several days/weeks. THEN, I usually step back & think, “Is there a strategy to beating this level?”At that point, I will begin to actually think about what must be done to reach the objective in front of me. Once I come up with the right plan, I play hard to beat that level!
Currently, I am at level 199; I thought of taking a few extra minutes to beat it so I could say I am on 200 in this blog, however, I have been stuck at 199 for a few days…
I realized while playing this game that SO MANY PEOPLE go through life similarly, coasting by, just going through the motions. WHEN they come upon the insurmountable obstacle, they will often STOP. What we need to do instead is:
LESSON #2 – HAVE A STRATEGY, AND USE IT. We should be LIVING each day with INTENTION, creating the life we want. Coasting through is not going to be enough if we wish to create an amazing life for ourselves. We need a strategy in all aspects of our life in which we want to EXCEL.
Instead of watching and waiting for things to happen, we need to MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

These are two lessons that are REINFORCED by my playing Candy Crush…
Are you following them?

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Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Richard Vazquez says:

    Great suggestions, especially lesson #2!

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