Are you looking for more referrals for your business? referralsimage3
Many of us are, and we will often ask others to please refer us people that could use our products/services. We share that we will, and then move on with our life. And what results from that conversation is often no referrals.
The human mind is a mysterious thing, and when we process the general request, often nothing is triggered. What if instead of a general request, we began to paint picture of exactly the type of person or company we wish to have as a client?

When looking to grow your business, you want to insure that you are specific in your referral request. When asking for the referral, you also want to consider what is your call to action and from whom you are requesting referrals.

These three pieces (asking for the referral, sharing your call to action & whom you are asking for) are key to ANY referral based marketing plan. When requesting referrals, consider how to answer two simple questions:

  • Who are you specifically looking to have referred to you?
  • When I talk to that person, what is my next step?

By sharing these two pieces when you are asking for the referral, it will be easier for your referral source to CREATE referrals for you.

Our best bet for success is to BUILD the future we desire, instead of waiting for it to happen.
What would be YOUR 3 pieces???

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  1. Richard Vazquez says:

    I talk to so many people who are afraid to get specific when asking for a referral. I guess they think that will eliminate anyone else from getting referred to them.

  2. Tom Fleming says:

    1st questions I ask people who say they aren’t getting any referrals:
    – Are you asking for referrals?
    – How are you asking for referrals?
    I usually get an email or phone call about how they are “surprised” at what’s happened!!! – Joy!!!

  3. It’s important to be clear on your goals and referrals are part of it!

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