imagesI am always looking for amazing books to read, and I love recommendations.For this reason, I am creating this blog series “Books Worthy of Reading” highlighting books I have read and why I liked them, as well as a few guest bloggers sharing books they love.
Enjoy this sneak preview of our series which will start in 2014!

Our first book is Presentationzen, by Garr Reynolds.

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Presentationzen  had been on my Amazon wishlist for over a year… I had put the book on my wishlist, as it had been recommended by a presenter or two as both a good read and as useful in creating PowerPoint presentations that add value to a speech.

When I opened it up, what a blast from the past – it was a book with pictures, and lots of them!
The book kicks of with a quote from a master, Leonardo da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I think that quote summarizes the ideas within the book quite well. In a simple to follow manner, Presentationzen gives us the instructions to create an effective PowerPoint, while understanding that each presentation will be different.

A few key points I learned and implemented (some are points right from the book, others were thoughts that struck me):

  • downloadIt is not about the “right” number of slides.
    “The number of slides is not the point. If your presentation is successful, the audience will have no idea how many slides you used, nor will they care.” Presentationzen
  • Empty space on your slide can be a good thing!
  • Avoid photographs with a white background on a slide with a colored background.
  • PowerPoint slides are not meant to be printed and passed out in your presentation. If your slides are like that, scrap it and start over again!
  • Your logo does not have to be on every slide.

Since I finished this book, I have started delivering presentations with Presentationzen inspired PowerPoints.
People have shared with me how they love both the presentation and the visuals!

If you are presenting and choose to use PowerPoint, check out Presentationzen to create POWERFUL visuals!

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

7 responses »

  1. Richard Vazquez says:

    Great information. I always look forward to your blog posts.

  2. I’ve been also hearing great things about this book. Guess it’s time to purchase it. Thanks Tiffanie.

  3. David Dye says:

    I heartily recommend this book to all my clients. It revolutionized my own use of power point (That and Patricia Fripp’s recommendation to only add ppt slides after the entire program is already built.) Between the two, you get the program back where it belongs 🙂

    • That is a great suggestion David! I usually write the rough draft of my entire presentation, then I smooth it out while going back and thinking where slides would accent the presentation best. Going to google her and see what other amazing tips she has.

  4. Tom Fleming says:

    NICE!!! Thanx for sharing your wisdom!!!

  5. Thanks Tiffanie – Perfect timing since I have three presentations to prepare in the very near future! Off to Amazon to find the book ! 🙂

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