ImageOnce upon a time I spent 80% of my business day cold calling, and it was an unpleasant way to spend my week. I HATED it! What if instead of cold calling, people came up and bought from you? This is the goal of an effective word of mouth marketing system; referrals flowing in – referrals and appointments set up where all the prospect just has to decide WHAT to buy, not if!

There are 3 steps to follow so you never have to cold call again:

1) Pick your team 
2) Motivate your team 
3) Train your team

In picking your team, they must have to have the right attitude!!! By attitude, these people are going to have to spend time & energy to help YOU grow your business and pass you referrals. The 2nd requirement to consider when picking your team is they must be in a non-competing industry with the same target market. This is important because if there are different target markets, it makes it very hard to pass referrals because the clients you have & desire are too different.

Once you have your team in place, you are going to need to motivate them so they want to be out there promoting your business.

There are number of ways you can motivate your team, at the top of the list is passing referrals. By leading by example, pass referrals to your team member and they should return the favor!! 2 other ways you could motivate your team are 1) invite them to events with you and introduce them to all the people you know and 2) schedule speaking engagements for them, which can get them huge visibility.

These are just 3 examples to motivate your TEAM.

Now that your team is motivated, there is one last step to complete, EDUCATION. Without it, there is IGNORANCE ON FIRE!!! Education counteracts the ignorance and is where you can train your team almost as if they were part of your staff! There are numerous topics which you can teach your team, a couple of my favorites are: how to introduce yourself, how to overcome objections, and desired specific clients. With the introduction, you want to focus on how you help your clients, not what industry you are in. Objections are common in all business and most professionals have come up with responses to “Not interested at this time”, “It’s not in the budget”, and “Don’t need it”. Your team is going to need to know how to respond to these so that they can help the referral process continue. Lastly, let your team know the people/companies who you want to add to your client list, and be specific!

By training your team on all they need to know they will be able to help you grow!

If you follow these 3 steps, you will be able to create the life you want by growing your business and eliminate the need to be out there cold calling.

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

4 responses »

  1. Richard Vazquez says:

    My networking team brings in more than half of the new customers who contact our office. Sales Teams Work!!

  2. Great post Tiffanie. Attitude is so important, and I love the focus on education. Good intentions do not cover it. Education helps create smooth experiences that would otherwise be rocky.

  3. Tom Fleming says:

    Attitude, Attitude, Attitude!!!

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