A few blogs ago we started the conversation around Elevator Speeches, and how you want to avoid them! Here is the next component to answering that question – “What do you do?” (click for the Elevator Speech blog from Tiffanie Kellog)

You are at a network event and you met a new person; she asks, “What do you do?”images
Because of the last blog, you know the immediate response of an elevator speech is unnecessary, now how will you now answer the question?
A shorter, common response to “What do you do” is to reply with your company or industry. When you respond as such, it allows the person you are speaking with to determine exactly what SHE thinks you do, based off the other people she knows in your profession.
Are you like everyone other person in your industry? Do you want her preconceived notion of what she thinks people in your industry do, to influence her meeting you? Personally, I think that I am different from my competition, and I find many other professionals feel the same way!
This still leaves us begging the question, what is the best way to answer “What do you do?” in such a way to create curiosity with the person you are talking to, hopefully to have her ask more about what you do?

The answer: 

Respond with HOW YOU HELP your customers!
While this is an atypical way to answer the question asked, this response is exactly WHAT you do!So I am asking you (the person reading this blog right now), how would you respond?

How do you help your clients???
You are looking for the EMOTIONAL state you create for your clients are in as a result of your product/service. When all your work is done, how do your clients feel?

downloadBe sure to K.I.S.S. (keep it short & simple); two additional keys in drafting a power response are utilizing basic words and keeping the length to a single sentence.

A few examples are:

  • I help people relax.
  • I help people make more money.
  • I help families enjoy life.
  • I help people reduce their stress.
  • I help create peace of mind.

These are uncomplicated statements that state what results for clients after working with you, and speak POWERFULLY to exactly what it is you do.
Sharing how you help your clients will aid you in differentiating yourself from your competition. How? While you may offer the same product or service, the end result for your clients and the vision you have for them may vary!

Now, once you share how you help people, SHUT UP! (I know that’s going to be really hard for some of you) or if that is too harsh, Please stop and be quiet!

If the person you are speaking with does not ask for additional details after you share your “I help”, then you do NOTHING! She is not interested, PERIOD.
Now, this could leave you feeling depressed because you did not get the chance to tell this person about what you do, you should be CELEBRATING in you just saved yourself time (seconds, minutes, maybe even hours) by recognizing that the person is indifferent to you!

Hopefully, because the other person is interested in learning HOW you do what you do, she will ask “How?” or “Could you tell me more about that?” THEN, and only then, do you take the opportunity to talk a little bit more about what you do!
Now you FINALLY have the chance to tell her about what you do; do you want to jump in and go into your sales pitch? Not if your goal is to determine if they are a prospect or not.
As an alternative, what if you asked a couple questions to see if she would be a good prospect for you first? In an upcoming blog, I will share how to ask the right questions to quickly determine if the person is a prospect or not…

How is it that you would respond to “What do you do?”
Be on the lookout for an upcoming blog that will explore how to ask those questions.

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. William says:

    Great advice Tiffany, I know this is the foundation for your teachings at the “Certified Networker Program.” If you are not taking Certified Networker or following your “E-Tiffanies,” get to it. You will have more fun and make more money.

  2. Some years ago, one of my clients started saying “Ever since Melanie fixed my brain” and I adapted that into my response about what I do. And no, I’m not a neurosurgeon…

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