You decided to do an expo… now what?hm_expo
In a recent blog co-authored by Valerie DiVecchio and myself, we explored how to help determine if you would want to be a part of an expo as well as a checklist of things to consider when planning for your booth. (Click for the entire blog)

What is the next step?

Now that the booth is well laid out and people are coming to see you, your next goal is to engage them. What can you utilize to hold their attention and strike up the conversation?

Giveaway-GraphicGames, door prizes, giveaways and discounts are just a few possibilities. Will people provide their contact information for a 10% coupon off your services? Maybe, maybe not. Will they offer it up for the chance to win a free iPad? Almost always YES! This component is crucial to the ability to follow up with the people you meet!

Depending on the event, you may also have an opportunity to reach out to the participants beforehand, whether they are in your own database or if the event coordinator can facilitate with scheduled participants. This can help you create BUZZ about your booth, before anyone even gets there, and have a bee line (ha ha, pun intended) of participants to your location. The attendees at the event are meeting a number of new companies; you may want them to walk away with something tangible, whether it’s a brochure, a promotional product or free sample. Why? This is a powerful way to have them remember you after the tradeshow is over. A good rule of thumb is to order your material well in advance to avoid rush fees and potential disaster of items not arriving on time or items being incorrect. If you run out, you might not miss the chance to put your information into the hands of your prospective clients; know that you can repurpose extra material, though.

A couple ways to help  you create the buzz:

  • Email a coupon to potential attendees to receive a free sample or promotional product
  • Offer a special via social media
  • Print from the website/blog an additional entry into the door prize or game

Planning in advance will help ensure a more successful event, meaning more business for your company!
Visit Valerie’s Blog next week for how to have an amazing experience during the expo!

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Thanks Tiffanie! Going to use the coupon in advance at an upcoming fair.

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