Here’s the 2nd of this 3 part blog…

I wanted to follow up with last week’s post – as I have gotten some really great responses from you!

Rob and I received this email as we were heading out of town, for some family fun time. We had just gotten back into town, when this person called and actually caught me in the office. He asked for Rob, who was not here, so him & I chatted for a few minutes. He asked a few questions to see if we would be a prospect for him, which I answered and determined I was not the ideal prospect for him.

Refer-A-FriendHe then proceeded to inquire about my relationship with other people in his industry, and asked if Rob and I had any we refer to, and I shared that we did have a few contacts in his profession. He then asked if there was a particular person in his industry that we refer to, and I let him know that it often depends when we make the decision to refer. He asked what it depended on, and I shared a few of the factors that vary into our decision when we refer (behavioral style, geography, goals, etc).
This gentleman then wanted to see about getting together, so he could share a little bit more about him (I got the distinct impression that he would like to be one of the people we refer to in his profession).
Right after he said that, he then shared that his clients really don’t have a need for Thread Art, so he would really not be able to refer us back…

So – what should I have done or said next? What would be going through your head right now???

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Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Renia Carsillo says:

    Life is too short. tell him to take a hike!

  2. Phil Bedford says:

    By him a shot gun. Seems like a hunter in farmers clothing;)

  3. April says:

    First of all doesn’t it matter what is in the best interest of your client. If he can assist someone that you know, then that is the first line of business.

    If your looking to profit from this individial then perhaps not but might that be doing a disservice to your customers.

    • tiffaniekellog says:

      It is all about doing the best thing I can for my network – great point!
      I do want to let you all know that I probably know 20+ people in his profession already.

  4. Matt Plapp says:

    I’d ask him what his idea of a referral relationship was. At first glance it sounds like he has no clue, but the questions he’s asking make me think that he may understand but just be pointed in the right direction. I don’t know that I would ever expect someone to help grow my business unless I had helped them first.

  5. Dr Steve says:

    You might be able to educate him in who you are looking for as a referral. He obviously does not know so take this opportunity to teach him.

  6. It seems that he failed to address the most important question: WIIFM? On that basis, I would be unlikely to refer him to folks.

  7. I agree with April. While the way you described the conversation leads me to believe I would have been totally frustrated with him by this point, it is possible that he could be a great resource and, you never know, just because he can’t refer Thread Art now doesn’t mean he never would be able to do so.

    If your styles didn’t mesh, then I’d move along but if there was nothing about him that didn’t click other than the “non-referral” comment, I’d let it play out a little more.

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