When attending a networking event…
Is your goal QUANTITY or QUALITY?

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  1. Argrow "Kit" Evans says:

    SUPER HELPFUL video! Great wisdom sharing and also love the fact that you are doing videos on your blogs. Having the referral institute banner behind you is also powerful. Love that you remind us at the end who you are as well. Remind us of your blog site at the end or website. Because Im listening super hard. Great advice.

    Love the numbers as well that you gave.

    Talk soon. See you Saturday.

    Question: Who helped you with your name logo? My cousin seems busy, so I need to purchase and get my own logo created.

    Talk soon.


    • I am still debating on the video verses words! Thanks for your feedback!

      I did my name logo – spent HOURS searching for the right font – then did some checking with people that know me best to see which of my top 5 fit best!

  2. Tom Fleming says:


    Tom Fleming

    Executive Director

    Tampa / West Central Florida

    352 527-7755

    http://WWW.BNIWCF.com & http://WWW.BNI.com

    Prosperity through Collaboration, Leadership

    and Integrity towards 50 + 10 + 1 = 61…

    New Image

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