Many people ask “Eager Beavers”?
Yup, you heard them right. The Eager Beavers is a team I started back in 2006, to walk the Breast Cancer 3 Day.
Since then, the Eager Beavers have walked 3960 miles (just on the walk, not including training) and this year our hope to have fundraised over $150,000!
So, why the Eager Beavers?
We walk in memory of my mother, Ann Beaver, and the name seemed a perfect fit when suggested by my sister Tracie.
So, we are the Eager Beavers, and our goal is to take a BITE out of CANCER!

Doing this takes hard work and dedication; it is totally worth it!
We have a couple events a year to help fundraise, and this video is from our fundraiser last month…
Upcoming Events:
Headshots for a Cure on April 18
Spaghetti Warehouse Lunch on October 12

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  1. Tom Fleming says:

    Great Vidjo and the rest… Loved it J

    Tom Fleming

    Executive Director

    Tampa / West Central Florida

    352 527-7755 &

    Prosperity through Collaboration, Leadership

    and Integrity towards 50 + 10 + 1 = 61…

    New Image

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