Here’s a blog revisited, originally published in November of 2011… appropriate to revisit at the beginning of the year.

Last year, I took a trip and managed to read all the books I had brought with me, before I even made it to my destination! Shortly after I arrived back home, my husband surprised me with a package dropped off by UPS, containing a Kindle!

I LOVE to read, and can spend hours and hours reading… but I had delayed in purchasing a Kindle because I was afraid how much money I would be spending on buying books. Looking through, I was excited to find the Bestsellers list, which included not only the top 100 best selling books, but also the top 100 best selling FREE books (I guess they are best selling based off the downloads).

I have started downloading free books – some are amazing, and some are not worth the price I paid for them (okay, I do recall they were free). Some of the books are free standing, some are short, some long, and others are part of a series. The authors that offer the first book for free, and then if you like them, you might buy a few more of their books.
Oftentimes, in business, I wonder if there is an opportunity for us to do this same thing for our business?

What would be the value of offering a “free sample” of your business?
Many times people have heard a bit about your business, but are just not ready to buy from you and the “free sample” is what can be useful to push the prospect into becoming a client. (pushing buzz over the edge)

Some professionals reading this are thinking, “free samples” won’t work for them in their industry… if that’s you, please email me, and we will come up with some great ideas to help you grow your business in one of our upcoming blogs.

What have been some of the best “free samples” that you have gotten or that you have seen used to get people to begin buying a product/service? Please comment below:

(and maybe also comment with one of your favorite FREE Kindle story)

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Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Brad Savage says:

    DigitalBrainz has offered one month free phone service for new clients in the past with decent success. If a new client signs up for digital phone service during our promotional month, they get one month free. Our hopes in running this promotion or “free sample” is to attract new business and help “push” the prospects that were not yet ready to buy.
    Thank you for the insight on “free samples” Tiffanie. I look forward to hearing other successes business professionals have experienced.

  2. We always offer 2 or 3 Free Quick Take portrait sessions throughout the year at Cloud 9 Studios. These are typically themed for a holiday/season and give parents a quick opportunity to experience the way we do things at our studio. Not only do our existing customers love to come in for something quick but it has also helped us to attract many new clients in to the door. Who doesn’t love something Free?!?

    As for a good free Kindle story …. I am still reading through paid books and loaned books before getting in to the free downloads. Soon though … soon I will be reading some free books 🙂

    • We always do a great deal of free tax returns each year at Liberty Tax Service. People always ask me why and I tell them “so we can show you why we are the best tax service in town. Our job at Liberty is to make you a raving fan! “

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