Last year I had a conversation with a referral partner who I have known for many years… she was sharing with me a new branch of her business, a program I am familiar with, and she did let me know if there were any people I felt would be good for the program, to please let her know. I responded that I would do that, and went on to the next part of the conversation.

I Know Someone LogoLooking back on the conversation now, I was struck with how my mind works. While I know her program, due to the open request, no one came to mind. I heard her request, processed it through my brain, when no name came up, so I moved on.

I started thinking, instead of “if I know someone who needs”, what if she had painted me a picture of exactly the type of person she was looking to have as a client. And taking it to the next level, how she would help the person she was hoping to get as a client!

As with every eTiffanie, I then began to think am I doing this within my business? Ask yourself:

  • Am I specific in my referral request?
  • What is my call to action?
  • Who am I requesting referrals from?

I think these three pieces could be key to ANY referral based marketing plan. My recent reflection on our conversation last year has me wanting to reach out to her and have her answer, so I can better refer her:

  • Who are you specifically looking to have referred to you?
  • When I talk to that person, what is my next step?

If I know these pieces, perhaps I can CREATE some referrals for her, instead of hoping someone walks up to me, and I then think, “Oh that would be a perfect referral for ____.” As that may happen occasionally, it is reactive instead of proactive, and relies on the perfect storm of you being in front of the right person and guessing if they would be a good fit.

Our best bet for success is to BUILD the future we desire, instead of waiting for it to happen.

What is YOUR referral request and your call to action for your referral partner to make it happen?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Tom Fleming says:

    After reading this… Got me thinking… When we request DC’s to invite folks to an Introductory Evening… Is there one specific Industry we might really like them to focus on… If we got them doing what they are doing now, but also approaching every Realtor or Financial Planner or Chiropractor in their chapter could be good? Is there a particular industry that you feel you can really help over another that BNI chapters are LOADED with? Hmmmmm

    Tom Fleming

    Executive Director

    Tampa / West Central Florida

    352 527-7755 &

    Prosperity through Collaboration, Leadership

    and Integrity towards 50 + 10 + 1 = 61…

    New Image

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