freezing coldWe have all been to events, trainings, seminars, and workshops where it seems that you could get a minor case of frostbite!
I thought it would be fun for today’s blog to examine why rooms are so cold, and how we can the problem…

As a presenter, I will let you know that my intention is not to keep you awake by turning the temperature down. If I am unable to keep you awake with my presentation, then I should not be presenting! Then why the cold room?
It is not the intention to create a frigid environment for the audience, however the front of the room always seems a little warmer than where the audience sits (or maybe that is just the case when I present). And if the presenter is male, he may be wearing a full suit, which is much warmer than what many of us wear on a regular basis, especially in Florida. Furthermore, if the presenter is like me, I am constantly moving around, “putting on a show”, which causes the room to feel warmer to me…
In the meantime, while the presenter is moving around, you are in the audience, sitting still, and the cool room eventually becomes a cold room, due to your inactivity. Take advantage of any breaks to move around and warm up.

What else can be done???
Can you ask for the temperature in the room to be turned up, sometimes. Most often, though, the thermostat is set and will not be changed for you, and if it was, a sweaty and uncomfortably warm presenter may not be the most desirable option.
4395Be prepared with gear to help keep you warm, whether you bring a jacket, a scarf or wrap, even gloves! I am excited about a recent purchase – I got mitten/gloves. Your fingertips are exposed while your hand is covered, and there is a mitten that you can flip up to cover your fingers. These are great as you can still take notes, type or utilize touch screen items. I am testing them out for the very first time this week.

Understanding that what may be cold to you is considered warm to others, knowing that any time there is an event where you sit for a considerable amount of time, and being prepared with items to help you stay warm can help create a more pleasurable learning experience.

What will you do in the future to combat the cold rooms?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Gail Nott says:

    Funny post. I tend to run hot, so I love cold training rooms. I always bring a sweater or a jacket & a nice scarf to cover my neck, just in case it’s too cold. However, I’d rather be awake and cold than hot and falling asleep. I’ve also been in trainings where deodorant was apparently optional for the other participants.

    • It’s one of those things… cold for one person is warm for another.
      My husband likes to keep the house cooler than I prefer, so I almost always have a blanket out!

  2. Tom Fleming says:

    Thanx for this blog Tiffanie… Haven’t been able to get the song out of my head for a week now… Someone should tell me the holidays are over 🙂

  3. Good stuff, but you are in Tampa where its NEVER cold outside! JK, great post:-)

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