no-no-noWe are taught to just say NO as children, however when we are on the receiving end of the answer as an adult, getting the NO, it goes straight to our ego!
In the business world, getting a no is a common occurrence, albeit not necessarily a negative one.
As we are looking to grow our business via word-of-mouth, we need others speaking positively on our behalf – this means people sharing what we do, how we do it, and the successes that we can create!
Hopefully, after hearing about you and your business, the prospect will be ready to buy from you. However, this is most often not the case. Your prospect is probably going to say no, at least once if not many, many, many times. This is all part of the process in creating YOUR success.

How many times does your prospect need to say NO before they are ready to buy!

How many times does your prospect need to say NO before they are ready to buy!

Each time a referral source gets a NO you can celebrate it, as it is one more NO out of the way so you can get a yes!
Letting the NO get you down is a hard habit to break, as we are so often dejected by even a single NO. Instead, let’s start thinking of each NO as another success. I was recently at an event where I got the opportunity to hear Randy Gage speak, and he shared a quote that I feel speaks to this conversation: “People think that the opposite of success is failure, but it’s not. Failure is part of the process of success.”

Failures are part of what create success, so celebrate each NO, and don’t take it personally!!!
In the upcoming weeks, we will look at what to do when you get a NO!

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. […] as the person wanting the referrals is to be okay with getting a NO, see last week’s blog – Just Say No. After letting them know that a NO is okay, then it is important for us to train our referral […]

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