The fourth APP I use frequently is Camera +.
This is another app that I had to purchase (it was the first one I purchased) and it cost me $.99; it was recommended by Renia Carsillo.
Utilizing photos taken with the iPhone, Camera + allows you to edit, crop, rotate, add captions, etc. to your pictures. This APP, on my teeny tiny phone, creates remarkable pictures. Making it even easier, you can directly upload the photos to your Facebook and Twitter account.
“They” say a picture is worth 1000 words – and pictures are seen more on Facebook feeds than just words alone – UTILIZE PICTURES!
Plus, Camera + offers the opportunity to have some fun with your photos…
I recommend this easy-to-use photo editing software for your iPhone. My brother, Robert Beaver, recommended to me another app called Halftone. It too, was $.99. Halftones does not have as many options as Camera +, but does have the capability of making comic strip like photos.

Either one of these options works well on your iPhone, and if I am on my computer, I love using to edit my photos and add-on additional fun stuff.

What is your favorite photo editing software, and why?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. I love both of these. Also a fan of Instagram and am learning Gimp for more sophisticated editing.

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