Do you leave your networking to chance? I was recently just last month given the opportunity to have a large chunk of my clients overlap with a networking event that was going on, it was time for the BNI annual Leadership Team conference. Many of the graduates from the Referral Institute’s Certified Networker also are BNI members. I was looking forward to the opportunity of introducing Certified Networkers to other people that they were looking forward to meeting during the conference. For the sake of time I initially reached out to the Certified Networker graduates via e-mail. I received almost no responses to my reaching out and asking if I could help create introductions for them.
So, I picked up the phone and started making phone calls to ask the graduates who they might want to meet at the training. For those people that gave me an answer, I now had a list of people who they wanted to meet – introductions and I could make happen.

Did I stop there? No.
I went through the list to see who we had in the organization in those professions (easy via ) people were desiring to meet. I then cross-referenced a list of seeing who was going to be at which training date.
For some people, I found that there were actually none of the people in the profession they were looking for attending the training they were attending.  I was really quite disappointed at my inability to create some introductions.
For others, I found there were people in the professions that they wanted met, alas I did not know them. For these professionals, I reached out to others in my network that I thought might know them, hopefully creating introductions between the graduate and desired contact, on my behalf.
A few lucky people actually had the combination of the professional they wanted to meet at the right training so I could make introduction!

This whole process made me think how often we are reactive in having something just happened versus getting out there and making it happen!  Are you working your network? Is this a chance to enhance your VCP?

Through the process, I was reflecting on the amount of time to take me to search for professions research if they are attending the same training as the graduate.
It was worth it for those few introductions that should result in members making more money while saving time.

What are ways that you are creating opportunities for your network?
Are you leading by example, making things happen instead of just waiting for them to happen?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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