How have I been saving time lately?
A few posts back I shared a few ideas on how I could shave some time off my day, and I have a few more tips to add into the mix to share with you!
I had noticed that I was spending a lot of time on my computer. While much can be created and done on the computer, I knew a lot of things I was doing was not productive. A few things that I had done to save time are:
#1 – I stopped playing Facebook games. While I had lots of fun playing these games, it wasn’t generating business for me (except for one client last year), and I was doing it too frequently. So, with much regret, no more Castleville for Tiffanie(which I am now fine with).
I know some people who accidentally got my requests are very happy (even though it was supposed to only go to people who were also playing the game).
#2 – I use the tips that Renia Carsillo shares with us in the Facebook 5. In this webinar, Rnia shares how to manage your Facebook account with just a few things. Utilizing this, I figured out how to use Facebook schedule postings so now I can schedule my business pages update a head of time. I recently set up for Thread Art 30 days of Unconventional promotional products for September, so they’re posted every day.
#3- I now answer my e-mails when I get them, trying not to let them sit in my inbox for hours days or months. Also I have turned off the sender/receive function so that I do not see every five minutes that little blue box in the corner.
#4 –  When my husband got me an iPhone, I did not set it up to get e-mail. On my last phone I would get e-mail, and sometimes I would answer it, other times just read it. Now I only read it the single time on my computer and deal with it then.

Technology is great, at helping you be more resourceful as well as sucking your time – It should make your life easier not take up too much your time. I will be sharing a series on the blog on some of my favorite APPS that do make my life easier, sometimes even saving time!

How else can you save time with your Technology?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Great tips Tiffanie! One other great “techie” tool is Bottlenose. It allows you to search topics across multiple social networks and news sites so you can find what is trending quickly and share it with your network (I also use it to find articles of interest for my scorecard).

  2. Pam Ciganik says:

    Thank you Tiffanie for the great tips! I have also been enjoying some of the Unconventional Promotional Products posts for Thread Art. You and Rob did a great job!!

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