Having a support network can be a powerful thing, especially when you find yourself in need!
This past week I was hosting an event, expecting around 75 people. My normal support staff for events like this of my husband Rob and referral partner Brad Savage, were unavailable; they had another event that same evening. I had arranged for another of my support staff to help me with the jobs they normally do; greeting people at the door, finding seats for people who came late, taking photos, passing out materials, answering questions, and taking enrollment forms. An emergency left my backup support network unable to attend the event, and I found out at the time the event was scheduled to start!
What was I going to do?
Of the many people at the event, there were only a handful of Certified Networkers not graduating that evening, so I asked for their help help. Jason Kupperman and Karen Christenson helped me out with registration; Jason also gave me a powerful introduction. Karen and Chris Chambers helped me pass out extra forms and Thread art pens. Chris Hugues guess took photos of the graduates. Paula Bonnell helped answer questions and collect enrollment forms. (And unbeknownst to me, Kevin Newsome was taking a number of photographs, and created this collage for me)
What could have been overwhelming for me was not, thanks to amazing relationships.
Could I have tried to do all of these things myself?
Was my network happy to help?
I believe so!

Who is in your support network?
Are you letting them help you?
They’re probably happy to help if you only asked. Utilize your support network, and be sure to support them back!

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Teri Morrow says:

    Great insight! I never thought that my network may actually enjoy helping.

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