People say you are what you eat, but aren’t you really what you wear?
Your appearance speaks VOLUMES about you; you need to make sure that you are promoting the image via your wardrobe & appearance that matches your business image…
Think about the out of shape personal trainer or the hair stylist with a sloppy look, you would not want them to be helping you, would you? 
While for many of us it is not as obvious from our appearance what our brand is, we need to support ourselves by dressing for success… and it does not always have to be in a suit & tie.

In support of this, I wanted to share where I have been with my image the past few years, as it was not always what it should have been, but it’s a journey…
In August of 2010, I found out that I was nominated & a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journal BusinessWoman of the Year award; the awards banquet was black tie and 6 weeks away. I was a little overweight… I decided that I was going to work my way to getting in shape – I worked out & at well, and managed to drop my weight down to my original goal of 130 lbs. I looked GOOD at the event.
After I hit that goal, I knew I had 10 lbs more to go, which I thought I would lose eventually.
Fast forward to May of 2012.
I had kept from shopping and getting a bunch of new clothes, waiting to lose those last 10 lbs, and I still had not done it. I was finally tired of my clothes, that were leftovers from 5-7 years before, and I wore them for WAY to long! I went shopping, picked up a couple things. Over the next few weeks, I had quite a few people comment on my new clothes, and I was feeling amazing!!!

Tiffanie & Renia Carsillo at the Charisma on Camera, where they heard Lauren Soloman.

Then, I went to a seminar with Lauren Soloman, and she had me thinking even more about my closest, and having your Magic Outfit – and why there were not more of those in your closest.
One of the favorite things she said was: sexy jeans –  Jeans that you can look at your butt in the mirror and say, “I would date me.”

This inspired me to head back home and clean out the closest. My first sweep through the closest removed almost 30 pieces of clothing I had not worn in a while or did not love. My 2nd sweep of the closest had me losing even more clothes.
I’ve added a couple pair of jeans to my wardrobe and even some fun work clothes… and I am looking forward to being able to pick from clothes I love EVERY time I go into my closest.
I am sure I have a few pieces that will get tossed as I decide they really weren’t right for me.

Now, I will be able to
a) look great
b) look my brand

What will you do to help you look great and feel successful???
What does your appearance say about you???

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Celeste Clancy says:

    GREAT, great, did I say, GREAT blog Tiffanie – time for me to do a bit more de-cluttering. I have a feeling it will work to de-clutter my mind as well ! BTW, you look fabulous in the dress !!

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