Too often, I think people’s definition of working is being in meetings, answering emails, talking on the phone…
Occasionally they will give themselves some time for networking as a way to grow their business.
But fun time during the work week, it almost seems taboo.
This week I had the opportunity to play golf with three really great referral partners (in the interest of disclosure, one of them was my husband). While we played golf, my partner (not my husband) and I chatted about what had been going on in each other’s businesses. I learned about a few new clients, a couple deals in the works, a challenge facing them, all while creaming the other team! (I am not a good golfer, so we compete cart against cart, using the best ball. If I had to use my own ball every time, I would certainly lose and it would take much longer. Occasionally, though, I have an amazing shot. This photo is my tee shot on #6 at Pebble Creek Country Club, a par 3 hole. I did putt this in for a birdie… and from there on, it was over for the competition.)
Afterwards, when we were finished with golf, the 4 of us came back into the clubhouse  and did talk a little strategy about what are some of the things we can continue to do to help each other promote our businesses… taking things to the next level!

Outside activities that can “take the pressure off” the meeting can be great ways to begin relationships without jumping straight into business, or to strengthen already existing relationships!

What activities, other than golf, do you think we can use to play and network at the same time?

(And if you’re wondering what the alligator photos are for, I often try to find at least one gator when I am playing – the beautiful weather this week had lots of them out, as I have photos of 7 gators – these were just the closest ones)

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. lisakjordan says:

    Going out to dinner with a client or referral partner is also a great way to “relax” and still get in some business. Lunch meetings are usually too rushed to really enjoy them as much as you could.

    We have also started taking salsa lessons with one of our members and have had some great networking while we were learning

  2. Thank-you for this Tiffanie. I so agree, getting together with “prospects” in a setting such as this is often much more productive than a “business meeting”. I am just learning to play gold and had to ask my husband what cart against cart, using best ball meant. Soundslike a good idea to me!

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