As we wrap up the week, I thought it might be FUN to share something silly or humorous on Fridays to help those of us who work a 5 day work week face that last day of the week…

My brother is known for his stupid & silly jokes, and I am going to give him an outlet to share some of them, thanks Robert!

Joke #1:
I had a dream last night about being a sea mammal. It was an otter body experience!
It is a bad joke, but I told it on porpoise.

Joke #2
How did the dead turtle cross the road?
It was stapled to the chicken!

Joke #3
What did the 0 say to the 8?

Share your answers (we will confirm the right answer), and your bad jokes… and we might see them shared here!

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Rob Kellog says:

    What did the 0 say to the 8? she said i love your belt! LOL

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