I am not big on doing new year resolutions… but I have a few things I want to try to do this year.

Over the past week or so I have started working on my 1st goal – which is to read more business & personal development books. I finished reading Crush It! last week, thoroughly enjoyed it, and appreciate Renia letting me borrow it… now I am working on The Big Picture, which my dad shared with me! I have another dozen books to go through, that I already have, and then I am going to be looking for new titles & recommendations! I LOVE to read, but usually prefer fiction – but have to work on improvements as well!
My goal is one chapter a day, at the minimum!

I have been working on getting back in shape; in the fall of 2010 I decided to get it started, and lost almost 25 pounds. I have managed to keep it all off (well, usually, but I have put a pound or two of holiday weight on, but that will come off quick). I have been 10 pounds from my goal since then, and I have decided to get back focused and lose those last 10 pounds, so then I can go SHOPPING for a new wardrobe. I have given myself a deadline of  March 31st. And here it is in writing, I am going to do it!
In support of that, and to spend more time with my 4 legged family (in the photo is my 4 dogs and one that passed away last year as well as my aunts 3 dogs), I am going to walk &/or rollerblade with my dogs at least 4 times a week (weather permitting).
And if you are wondering why I have a stroller, one of my dogs has problems with her back legs and cannot walk long distances.

I have other things on my To Do list for this year, join a Toastmasters group, walk 2 3-Days, writing more… but the 2 above are high up on the list starting last week…

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. lisakjordan says:

    Good luck with your resolutions! I made a resolution 10 years ago to not make any more New Years resolutions. Rather than waiting for New Years Eve to start doing something, I make a decision that I want to accomplish something and start then.

    • My top resolution is to use less toilet paper. That stuff is expensive. I guess the main trend I see myself gravitating towards is be more consistent. That applies to writing, reading, exercising, staying in touch with folks, networking. It’s a simple thing, but something you really have to be committed to and stick with. Consistency is the key!

      • tiffaniekellog says:

        Sharon – that has to be one of my favorite resolutions ever… just not sure the best way to make it happen!

    • tiffaniekellog says:

      I am totally on board with you Lisa! I made the decision to start reading the books right before Christmas, and have made it through one already!

  2. William Mellas says:

    I want to focus more on implementing and executing, I am going to be reading and writing more this
    year, as well as, teaching. I agree, I think being consistent is an important part of achieving.I have an oppurtunity to teach financial literacy to both children and adults which I am excited about.

  3. Writing, walking the Boston 3-Day with you, spending more time having FUN. Loosing 15 lbs. We need to set writing and walking dates and keep each other motivated! Great stuff Tiffanie!

    • tiffaniekellog says:

      Renia – We need to get you switched over under the Eager Beaver team… I have a cool idea for one of our day’s apparel – working on it this week 😉
      Writing, walking & w_____

  4. Melissa Rodgers says:

    Tiffanie, I don’t usually make New Years Resolution either but I too want to read more business books and want to walk my Maltese 3-4 days a week. I’ll be happy to share some books with you too. We also need to get the Maltese dogs together.

  5. Every year I make an attempt at goal setting, but this is the first year that I really feel that I am in control and I can set legitimate SMART goals. I now know HOW and WHY I set each goal. My resolution is to work more closely with my mentor and develop a strong business plan for this year. My business education over the past year makes me feel really good about the direction that my business is heading.

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