I recently just finished being a part of BNI Leadership Development Training in the Tampa Bay region, speaking at 8 different conferences. As I look back, I wanted to share some of the things I learned, or became aware of, at the conferences that could help you deliver a powerful presentation in the near future.
Keep in mind, one of the ways we can create BUZZ about ourselves and our company is getting out there and positioning yourself as the expert.

CREATE ENERGY – When you are presenting to a group amidst a group of others, know that there can be three types of presenters:
— You can bring energy to the room
— You can keep the energy in the room at the same level
— You can suck out the energy in the room
As I am preparing my presentation, I always write my presentation in the mindset that I will have to BRING energy to the room… this way regardless of the energy when I first start my presentation, throughout it, the audience is engaged and receptive to your message. 

UTILIZE VISUALS – Not all people are auditory learners, so I try to use some props/visuals. If I am using a power point presentation, you will want to use the slides to tie into the presentation verses just words on a screen. You do not want the audience reading, but using the slide to reinforce your point.

USE your HUMOR – Humor is a way to engage the audience, and humor can be done in many ways, not just telling a joke. Think of your humor and try to sprinkle it throughout the presentation.

BE YOURSELF –  Be authentic to who you are. While we often emulate others that we see that are amazing speakers, sometimes we try to be too much like them and it comes across as fake.
One of the ways we can connect to the audience is by being human and being ourselves, not someone else.

CREATE A POWERFUL PRESENTATION – not just bullet points to share. Sometimes I have bullet points of points I want to address, and I write my presentation around that list. The presentation is then very list formatted, and not as exciting as it could be.

My most successful presentations were when I took that list, thought about it, and then wrote the presentation WITHOUT the list in front of me. Then, after the original draft was written, I go back through the points I want to make sure are in the presentation and fit them in where appropriate. This leaves me with a presentation that flows naturally and engages the audience.

SMILE – This one is simple. Just smile. If you have a hard time remembering to smile, make a note to smile in your script and practice the smile while you practice. You want the audience to think that you are having fun.

Best of luck on YOUR upcoming presentations…
Knock ‘em alive!

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. lisakjordan says:

    Thanks Tiffanie, you always do an awesome job presenting!

    • Rob Kellog says:

      The most important thing is to make sure you have plenty of energy when you are in front of the room. A lot of people let too much fear take over while they are in front of the room. Thanks for the tips I will definitely use them for my next presentation.

  2. John Berkes says:

    All good points. Since I have a 10 minute BNI presentation coming up shortly, I will try to employ your suggestions. Thanks.

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