The 10 Commandments of Social Networking, Part 2

With the fast pace changes happening online, many people are expecting social media to replace face-to-face networking; however, we believe the two actually complement and enhance each other. In support of making more money in less time, my colleague Renia Carsillo and I have collaborated to create the 10 Commandments of Social Networking. If you are familiar with the Certified Networker Program, these commandments will look very familiar. We have taken the “10 Commandments of Networking a Mixer,” created by Dr. Ivan Misner, and adapted them for the world of social networking.  In this second of three installments, we’ll examine Commandments 4-6, which are our favorites.

Commandment 4: Promote your product or service

  • A good rule of thumb is the Rule of Thirds: a third about you, a third about your industry, and a third about your partners.
  • Never make a sales pitch as a means of introduction. Remember those door- to-door vacuum sales people? If you have an auto responder, that’s you online!
  • Five  minutes of friendly conversation is more valuable than two weeks worth of links to your latest affiliate account. The more real you are the more valuable your connections will be.

Commandment 5: Listen and ask plenty of questions 

  • Interact with at least 5-7 people a day; visit their page and make comments.
  • On your own page, ask questions of your connections daily.
    • Some ideas include:
      • What are you going to do to grow your business today?
      • Who are you meeting today that excites you? (This could create referral opportunities for your partners.)
      •  What guilty pleasure are you giving in to today? (It’s okay to be silly sometimes!)
      • Be comfortable with being a little irreverent; people will like you even more.

Commandment 6: Offer support and be the connector whenever possible

  • Offer tips and advice. You can never give away too much for free. Some of the top-selling business books of the past 10 years have offered every word for free on a blog.
  • Pay attention to your connections’ interests (see commandment 3 if you are uncertain how to do this), and connect them to others in your database who have similar interests.
  • If you let the world know how your connections have helped you, they might be able to help someone else in the same way.

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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