There are many ways to help promote your business, spreading the word about what you do, using referral based marketing to grow. Doing speaking engagements can be an amazing way to position yourself as the expert in your field and be introduced to tens, hundreds or thousands of potential clients at a single time.

The first question you will need to answer for yourself is: What topic(s) can I speak on?
Remember, when you are going to do a speaking engagement, the goal is to share knowledge with the audience, not sell to them. If you go into an engagement and your only goal is to sell, you will not do too many more engagements!

The next question you will need to answer is: Who is the audience you wish to reach?
I have been asked more than a few times to speak… occasionally I will be asked to speak to a group of retirees or new moms. While I am certain I can keep them entertained for a short while, are they the right audience to hear about how to make more money in less time? Probably not!
Determine who will be the RIGHT people to hear you talk, and then

Answer the last question: How do I get in front of that audience?
Could you call on the organization, and offer yourself as a speaker – certainly. However, I happen to be a fan of referrals, and I think a great way to get into an organization is to ASK the people you know… figure out who might be a part of the group you where you wish to speak, and ASK him/her to help you book that engagement. Utilizing word of mouth marketing, perhaps you can use a letter similar to the one Dr. Ivan Misner recommends in one of his blog posts (click here to see my letter that I created based off Dr. Misner’s idea) to help you arrange the engagement.

Answer these 3 questions and then start to grow your business through speaking engagements…

In addition to your thoughts on this blog, please share with us in the comments:
How have you grown your business through speaking?
When you are called and asked to be the speaker, what questions should you then be asking?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Brad Savage says:

    Speaking is a great way to grow your business! Especially if the audience sees you as the expert in your industry.

    I have an opportunity to speak in front of a Dentist association on Disaster Recovery Planning. This will be key to the growth of our Dentist client base. The goal is not to sell, but have the association see DigitalBrainz as an expert in the Information Technology industry.

    Some questions to consider when asked to be the speaker include (but are not limited to):
    1) Who is the audience?
    2) How many people?
    3) What is the audience’s attire?
    4) What tools do I need to provide? Laptop? Projector? Screen? Microphone?
    5) Will the audience be eating/drinking?
    6) Can I give handouts?
    7) Will there be time for QA session?
    8) How much time do I have to speak?

    There are many more, but the above is a start.
    Looking forward to hearing what other professionals respond!

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