Often times networkers want to hit AS MANY networking events as possible, thinking that this will be the best way to grow their business. Regrettably, though, this often causes more work than benefit.
Why? Each time we go to a networking event, we meet new people. After that event, we really need to follow up with the people that we have met to see how to continue developing that relationship. This takes time. If all you do is go from one networking event to another, your calendar is full of events, and you are too busy to follow up with all those people you connected with at the event.
Instead, pick a couple events to go to, and attend with the intention of meeting the number of new people that you have time to do the follow up. This way, each relationship counts! You will get more out of your week… and not have to bounce from one event, to another, to another, to another, etc.

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Great point Tiffanie! I’ve certainly been guilty of this one before!

    • Yes, and don’t take or give more than one business card. One is all that most people keep. Don’t throw away money by giving people 2 or 3 business cards!

  2. Chris Hugues says:

    I agree too! I also have to tell myself not to feel obligated to trade cards with everyone. Try to identify folks that you may want to develop a relationship with and set up a meeting with them for another time. Then move on to meet other folks. Don’t spend the whole event with that one person – it makes your (and their) valuable networking time less effective! And don’t forget to try to connect folks with others that you know who may be able to help them.

  3. Brad Savage says:

    Great post, Tiffanie!
    It is definitely overwhelming attending numerous events in a short period of time. The contacts made at each event are hopefully prospects or potential referral sources and it is important to follow up. The more events, the more people to follow up with.
    There are only so many hours in a day.

  4. There are many reasons to belong to networking groups. You can forget why you became a member of a certain networking group if you don’t stay focused. Being a member of a Chamber of Commerce, folks may want to become more a part of their community and stay connected. That is wonderful, but don’t forget to give back to the companies within that chamber. Remembering the members when you go to do business is very important. When I was a mortgage lender and I was having a conversation with someone and they said they just refinanced their home, where was the love? Why didn’t they come to me when they expected me to give them business? This is a great argument for being a part of BNI for me. Even though folks can know, like and trust you in other groups, there are far too many distractions and folks can easily be lulled away or forget you if there are 4 or 5 others to choose from in your profession.

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