• Don’t try to sell
    People do not go to events to buy, so why would you want to sell to them? Share what you do, if they are interested in your product or service, they will ask to buy from you. If you think that the person you are talking to would be a good prospect, schedule a follow up meeting with them, and share your products and services then.
  • Don’t tell everyone everything about your business
    Does it take many minutes to tell people what you do? If so, perhaps you need to simplify your message, into a few words on what you do. Create the curiosity so they then ask you for more details…
  • Don’t put them on your email list just because they gave you a card 
    This is a great way to have the people you meet be VERY ANNOYED with you. If you have a newsletter or specials that you send out to people on your list, do just ask, either while networking, or when you follow up, if they would like to receive your correspondence. 
  • Don’t spend all your time with people you know
    The goal, when attending a networking event, is to meet new people, if you spend all your time with people you ALREADY know, then you have missed the opportunity. Also, when you meet new professionals that you do want to spend more time with, schedule a meeting for them, verses spending the rest of that networking event with them.
  • Don’t forget your name tag
    Wearing a name tag makes you more approachable, and can save people if they accidently forgot your name. Professional name tags are as inexpensive as $10. Wear it every time.
What other things do you think should be avoided when networking???
Please comment!

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. David Caraker says:

    That’s so true, Tiffanie. There is no amount of business worth doing at a networking event that is more important than who those partners can refer you to. Good stuff.

  2. Brad Savage says:

    One thing I feel everyone should avoid at networking events is making sure everyone there gets your card. I see people running around forcing their card on every person thinking this is great exposure. In my eyes, this is negative exposure. If someone hands me their card and walks away without me qualifying them…the card goes straight in the trash.
    Thanks for sharing Tiffanie! I also look forward to learning how to determine if someone is a prospect or referral source in 20 seconds in the next Certified Networker course!

    • tiffaniekellog says:

      Thanks so much! I was at an event just this week where a person put his card at EVERY seat at the beginning of the event. And do you know what happened to most of the cards? The waitress threw them away.

      Only trade cards with people that you want to contact, don’t make everyone take your card just so you can feel like you did “networking”.

  3. Great advices Tiffanie.
    Merci beaucoup !
    You told me once another great thing to avoid: go there alone.
    Who would be the best person(s) to go with? I’m sure you can help us network smarter.

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