As we are approaching the end of March Madness (basketball tournament, for those of you that do not pay attention to sports), I have been watching LOTS of basketball… and I got to thinking how similar basketball can be to a successful word of mouth (WOM) team.
As you are looking to grow your business via WOM, you are going to need people to share your business, by word of mouth – this is your TEAM. For your team, you have your:
Starters: These are the best 5 people on your team. These are the people that pass you the most referrals, that do the most to help you grow your business, your SUPERSTARS! These people probably get a little “special” attention (which we will share in an upcoming blog).
Bench players: These are the people that maybe have been in your top 5, but dropped down (not as powerful of players anymore). OR the bench is filled with people that are on their way up, or are just there to support you, without the need of moving up or down!
Coach: Your coach is someone that can help the whole team be more successful (like me) by sharing more successful ways to build your business by word of mouth – winning the title and being successful!

Who is your starting 5? Who is on your bench? Do you have the right coach?

About Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie loves to help people make more money while saving time, so they can hopefully have more fun!

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  1. Phil Bedford says:

    Great metaphor Tiffany

  2. I like this blog! It gives another way for professionals to relate to word-of-marketing.
    I have a few members of my team that are awesome! But, I need to work on getting 5 starters to fill up my lineup! Thanks for sharing the thought Tiffanie!

  3. Good analogy Tiffanie!

    I’m with Brad that we need to work on completing the top 5.

    Love the Coach analogy too!

  4. […] year this time I shared a blog about March Madness, and how word of mouth marketing is similar to basketball… on your team you need superstars & […]

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