Are all referrals the same???

13 Months a Year – a Freebie (through March 13th)

Last week I launched the 13 eTiffanies from 13 Months a Year!
What is that? From the online program 13 Months a Year, I have taken 13 tips to be shared with people via email (13 tips arrive over 13 days). From March 1-13, I am going to be gifting the 13 eTiffanies to as many people as possible.

Why? In January, my sister-in-law died at age 45. I had intended to launch the program this spring for $13, after I was reminded how precious our lives are, I decided to offer this program for free for a short time. It is SO important to do things that are most important to us. Too often, people do not spend their time focused on what is really important. So, I wanted to share the gift of time with as many people as possible.

Because you are looking to find more time in your life, I hope you will join us – enroll online now!

PS. Feel free to share this with the people in your life!

Why Clients Should Not Be YOUR Best Referral Source!

Motivating your Referral Sources

How to Create a Powerful Pitch for Networking!

Enjoy Networking Mistake #3 from 4 1/2 Networking Mistakes (available on amazon

You will want to DITCH the elevator pitch and instead use the FUNNELING CONVERSATION to help you connect with prospects and potential referral sources when networking.

Dreading starting back the week?

Why you SHOULDN’T Multi-Task and Why I started ’13 Months a Year’

How to get HELP to save you some time + What 13 Months a Year has been creating for others!

Welcome back! In this video, Tiffanie Kellog shares what the 13 Months a Year program has created as well as another quick tip to help you have MORE TIME in your life!

For additional information on the program, please visit:

Special Announcement from Tiffanie Kellog + How to Save Time (with your smart phone)!!!

I know you have been waiting… the announcement is FINALLY HERE!!!

Do you want more referrals? Luckily, it’s pretty easy!