Networking Nugget #2: Have Your Networking Tools with You at All Times

Another Networking Nugget from 4 1/2 Networking Mistakes:

Networking Nugget #2: Have Your Networking Tools with You at All Times

number-2This networking nugget, along with a few to follow, is inspired by the “10 Commandments of Networking a Mixer”. I first experienced these 10 commandments in 2006, while a student at the Certified Networker® Program offered by the Referral Institute®. These commandments were created by Dr. Ivan Misner and can be found in their entirety in “The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret,”

There are a few tools you always want to have with you to most productively work a networking event. These include: Continue reading

Networking Nugget #1

There are 19 Networking Nuggets that I share in the 4 ½ Networking Mistakes.
This week’s blog explores one of those nuggets…
Good luck as you work towards becoming a master networker.

Networking Nugget #1: Pick the Right Networking Event

number-1Networking events are like ice cream: they all are made up of the same basic ingredients and have the same texture, even though each group and event has its own flavor. Before you begin networking, you need to determine where you will find events that are the right events for you. Continue reading

Asking for Referrals

As you read this, you might think, of course, that’s so simple. And untitled-design-2while this is a simple technique, it is one that most people do not do.
If you want more referrals, simply ASK!

Most people do not ask because they are afraid of hearing the word NO when they make their request. If you are asking for referrals, and you get a “no,” then you are probably asking incorrectly.

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“What’s your Preference?” with Ocala CEP

“What’s your Preference?” from TBBO

“What’s your Preference?” This week – BNI

What’s your Preference???

Success Story Saturday – Business up 48%

Interior Designer Sara Chiarilli has increased her business by 48% in just 4 months!

Networking Nugget: Act Like a Host

Help get over those networking nerves by acting like a host!

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Not Attend Training

ID-10038970I wanted to share with you the top 3 reasons you should NOT attend training, workshops or seminars on referral and relationship marketing.

#3 You receive TOO MANY REFERRALS and have no desire to grow your business!

WOW! You have found yourself in a position where you receive more referrals than you can possibly handle.
Oh, wait, you do want more referrals??? You desire to grow your business??? Continue reading